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Rifton Z110 HTS – [Small] Hygiene and Toilet System for Healthy Physical Aid and Toileting Hygiene Support

  • The Rifton Small HTS is 30-46 in. high
  • Adapts to most toilets and fits a wide range of body types and needs, helping improve health of clients, growing with time and making caregiver lives easier
  • Eliminating the need for separate equipment , the chair aids toileting, showering and bathing
  • The versatile apparatus provides efficient on, off and over toilet usability
  • Maximum support is offered with various and adjustable tilting positions for numerous bathroom activities
  • A uniquely designed seat pad opening towards the rear allows easy access for cleaning and hygiene after using the toilet
  • Adjustable height, backrest and seat-depth allow a personalised experience with respect to age, diverse needs and efficiency
  • Equipped with a portability kit, the chair allows use of public toilets while travelling and is designed to prevent contact with public toilets for hygiene
  • Supporting easy transition from sitting to standing, the footboard has a flip up capacity, enables step-pivot transfers and has a weight bearing capacity of 75 lbs.
  • All skin-contacting straps and accessories are made with soft easy laundered materials for comfort
  • With natural contours and cushioned foam paddings molded into the back and seat, the seat offers complete comfort
  • The back and seat pads are crafted with antimicrobial materials for hygiene and each part of the apparatus is waterproof and can be cleaned with disinfectants
  • Slipping between the legs and into the pan, the soft plastic splash guard deflector is held in place with a seatbelt and delivers added security
  • Removable armrests offer a simpler and easier lateral transfer experience

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Founded by a leading manufacturer of furniture and equipment for early childhood settings, Rifton equipment came into being in 1997. Rifton Equipment is developing with care, different positioning systems and mobile equipment for sitting and standing, with various sizes and postural support for efficiency to all ages and functions. The Rifton HTS is one such mobility equipment that helps bring children closer to an easier and effective way using the toilet and bathing, for an enhanced bathroom regime.

Hygienic, simple, affordable and adaptable to most toilets, the Hygiene and Toileting System (HTS) is designed to improve the health of the client and the life of the caregiver. Th e versatility of the HTS makes it ideal for anyone dealing with tight budgets or tight spaces. Because it accommodates toileting, showering and bathing, the HTS eliminates the need to buy separate equipment for each activity.

HTS features
One of the most affordable toileting systems available today, the HTS can be confi gured in myriad ways to fi t your clients. Options range from the basic model with seat, back, base and armrests to the fully accessorized version.

Infinite adjustability Adjust the height, seat depth and backrest angle independently for optimal positioning.

Foam molded cushions Soft foam pads on the back and seat provide comfort for your clients and easy cleaning for caregivers.

Better mobility The large caster option improves mobility and has better resistance to picking up debris.

Accessible for clients A fl ip-up footboard makes sit-to-stand transitions easy.

Any client, any toilet, any situation

For clients, each element of the HTS provides the best opportunity for hygiene. Its wide range of adjustment and varied support options help clients maintain positioning that promotes eff ective toileting, and the tilt-in-space feature and adjustable headrest make showering easier.

For caregivers, the HTS is the paragon of adaptability. It can be used on or over a round front or elongated toilet, or as a free-standing commode. It can adjust to children as they grow, and includes components and supports for clients of every size and need.

Placing the HTS on any model of toilet, round front or elongated, enables the client to share the same toilet as the rest of the family. Mounting bars make for easy, secure attachment of the chair to the toilet base. Removal is just as easy, no tools required.

Wheel the HTS over toilets of nearly any size and style, enabling the client to share the same toilet as the rest of the family. Or use the stationary base on toilets up to 15″ tall.

Use the HTS off the toilet as a stand-alone commode in any location.

The chair that grows with you

The HTS comes in three sizes, each with a wide range of adjustment. As your child grows the chair can adapt, giving you years of useful service.

Which chair is larger?
The chairs in the photo on the right are exactly the same size: one is adjusted to its smallest setting to accomodate a 5-year-old, the other at its largest setting fits an 11-year-old. The HTS fi ts a wide range of sizes, body types and special needs, allowing room for growth over time or use by multiple users.

Easy lifts and transfers
Lift s and transfers present a major challenge to successful toileting.The HTS makes them easier with features like a gas-assisted spring tilt adjustment for sit-to-stand transfers, removable armrests for lateral transfers and a weight-bearing footboard (up to 150 lbs) for frontloading transfers.

This client’s whole weight is supported by the footboard as she assists in a transfer.

The forward tilt and the easily removed armrests make sit-to-stand and lateral transfers simple.

Tilt the HTS forward (up to 5˚) for easier transfer. Tilt backward (up to 25˚) for showering and hair washing.

Doubles as the perfect shower chair.

Save space and money with a single product for both toileting and showering. The aluminum, stainless steel and plastic construction withstands bleach and water. The HTS tilt in space base tilts 5° forward or 25° back for showering and hair washing.

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User dimensions (inches) Z110 small Z120 medium Z130 large
Height 30 – 46 42 – 56 50 – 74

Key user dimension: height
The user’s overall height is a general guide to help you select the appropriate size of HTS.
Choose the model that allows for growth.

Important: Make sure that seat width, depth and height are adequate for each individual user, and that the user’s weight does not exceed the maximum working load.

Item Dimensions (inches) Z110 small Z120 medium Z130 large
Tilt-in-space mobile base footprint 21 x 31 21 x 31 22½ x 34
Tilt-in-space base length when fully extended (incl. headrest) 43 49¼ 57¼
Non-tilt base footprint 20 x 28 20 x 28 21 x 29
Seat (front) to footboard height* 8½ –13½ 10½ –15½ 13½ – 17½
Seat (front) to fl oor; mobile tilt frame (add 1″ for Z181 large casters) 15½ – 21½ 15½ – 21½ 17½ – 23
Seat (front) to fl oor; mobile non-tilt frame (add 1″ for Z181 large casters) 16 – 20 17 – 20½ 18 – 22
Seat (front) to fl oor; stationary non-tilt frame 13– 17 14 –17½ 15 –19
Seat depth (one-inch increments) 8 – 11 11½ – 14½ 14½ – 17½
Seat width 8 / 10 / 12 10 / 12 / 14 13 / 15 / 17
Hole size in seat pad open 4 x 9, closed 3 x 8 open 4½ x 12, closed 3½ x 10 open 6 x 14, closed 4½ x 12
Armrest height 8
Backrest height above seat 16½ 19½ 24½
Backrest width 11½ 13½ 16
Distance between laterals 5¾ –11½ 7¾ –13½ 11½ –17¼
Tilt in space FORWARD (degrees) **5° **5° **5°
Tilt in space BACK (degrees) **25° **25° **25°
Backrest angle adjustment (degrees) 6° fwd, 6° and 18° back 6° fwd, 6° and 18° back 6° fwd, 6° and 18° back
Max. clear height under seat (tilt frame) 20½ 20½ 20¾
Max. clear height under seat (stationary non-tilt frame) 15 15 16½
Max. clear height under seat (mobile non-tilt frame) 18 18 19½
Portability base clearance (fi ts over ADA compliant toilets) 18½ 18½ N/A
Bottom of frame to fl oor; tilt-in-space mobile base 2 2 2
Tub base footprint 23 x 16½ at feet / 19 at top 23 x 16½ at feet / 19 at top N/A
Tub base height (fl oor to seat pad) 11 at front, 9½ at back 11 at front, 9½ at back N/A
Max. working load (lbs) 75 150 ***250

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