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Rifton R860 Large Standard Base Activity Chair for Children and Young Adults. Therapy Chair For Disabled Persons

  • Rifton Large Activity Chair is usable for child/adult with sensory processing challenges
  • Ideal equipment to be used in the classroom and for a child with autism
  • Designed to be used by a person with height: 50-74 inches
  • It has maximum weighing capacity of 250 lbs.
  • This standard base activity chair features padded seat and back, tilt-in-space base, adjustable legs, seatbelt and arm supports
  • The backrest can be adjusted by using the backrest angle lever mounted on its back frame
  • Seat and backrest can be detached and re-attached to any similar size activity chair
  • Height of this standard base activity chair legs can be adjusted
  • Springs mounted on the standard base allow dynamic motion. The caregiver can lock spring column when it is not in use
  • The depth of seats can be increased or decreased easily
  • Tilt-In Space: adjust the seat and backrest at any angle from -15-to +15-
  • The polyurethane foam used in seat and backrest pads is easy to clean, it is available in 6 colors
  • Pads on backrest and seat are removable and easy to clean
  • Seatbelt eliminates the risk of fall and other injuries
  • Posterior tilt of Rifton large activity chair provides support for a client with poor head control
  • Components that can be used with the standard base therapy chair are:
    • Arm Rests: can be raised or lowered easily. The angle of armrests can be set from horizontal to 30 degrees up or down
    • Forearm Prompts: it controls head and trunk while sitting and enables the use of pelvic girdle, trunk core muscles to improve postural stabilization
    • Pads: Comfortable seats and backrest pads prevent pressure sores
    • Headrest: useful for a client who has poor head control; it adjusts from flat to 90 degree
    • Laterals: with vertical, lateral and angle adjustment, they are used to provide upper body support
    • Push Handles: makes the mobility of chair easy; by using push handles the chair can be transported from one place to another
    • Handhold: useful for clients with spastic muscle tone
    • Chest Strap: padded chest strap provides extra trunk support
    • Tray: attaches on the armrest and provides a surface for feeding, work or play. Tray angle can be set between horizontal to 30 degrees up or down
  • Other components which can be used with this activity chair are butterfly harness, thigh belt, pelvic harness, hip guides, abductor, adductor, leg prompts, footboard and ankle straps
  • The sandals on the footboard are used for patients having less control of leg movement
  • Some equipment that you can install on this large therapy chair including Whitmyer adapter, mini kit, backrest filler pad, wedges, swivel lock casters

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Rifton, a leading American brand in the industry of medical equipment is continuously manufacturing equipment for different needs and people with different disabilities. All the products developed with Rifton provide longer durability and user-friendly experience. R860 activity chair is one of its equipment usable for people with sensory processing challenges. The adjustable parts make it an ideal solution for different height and shapes of people.  It is a useful equipment to involve clients in different activities including speech therapy, active learning and feeding.

In a few short years the Activity Chair has become the classroom standard for children and young adults with special positioning needs. Not only that, but parents who see what this chair can do in school are getting them for use at home. We’ve also seen a growing number of speech and feeding specialists adopt this chair in their hospital-based clinics. It’s safe to say the Activity Chair has truly revolutionized adaptive seating and continues to delight therapists with its versatility for people of all shapes and sizes, all conditions and special needs.

Activity Chair Features

Spring option The springs on the standard base (in both backrest and seat) allow for self-generated, dynamic motion – ideal for clients with autism. The spring column can be locked when not in use.

Caster swivel lock The swivel lock prevents the chair from drifting sideways when it is pushed for longer distances.

Perfect for the MOVE™ program

When used with forearm prompts, the Activity Chair becomes a forward-leaning instructional seating device as used in the MOVE™ program.

Transfers made easy

A chair for everything

The Activity Chair’s tilt-in-space feature allows easy transitions between forward leaning for task participation and unimpeded interaction, and reclining for rest or a higher level of support.

All Rifton Activity Chairs have tilt-in-space. Whether you choose the standard or hi/lo base, you’ll get Rifton’s quick-adjusting, tilt-in-space feature. The standard base tilts 15˚ forward and 15˚ back, while the hi/lo tilts 15˚ forward and 25˚ back. Tilt-in-space is a valuable feature because it encourages sit-to-stand and offers a variety of resting positions. Best of all, our tilt-in-space can be activated while your client is in the chair.

This medium standard chair is in posterior tilt to provide support for a student with poor head control.

The tilt-in-space feature accomodates users who need a higher degree of head support.

Infinitely adjustable for every need

The favorite of feeding clinics

Rifton’s Activity Chair can be either a basic chair for a client who needs just a little support, or it can offer signifi cant support for more involved individuals. The hi/lo base allows the client to be fed in a quiet, individual setting or at the family dinner table. Because you can measure the angle of the tilt-in-space and backrest recline, home caregivers can exactly duplicate the angles recommended by therapists.

Each size of Activity Chair has so much growth potential that it will provide many years of service. And it is easy to clean – essential for a feeding chair. The tray clips on and off with one hand.

Quickly adjustable tilt-in-space during feeding is benefi cial. Therapists may start out the session doing oral motor exercise with the client upright and then tilt back to reduce the need for trunk control. They can then adjust the headrest forward to keep the head in a neutral position. All these features make it the ideal feeding chair.

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User Dimensions (inches) R860 Large
Standard base
Height 50 – 74

Key user dimension: height
The user’s overall height is a general guide to help you select the
appropriate chair. Choose the model that allows for growth.

Important: Make sure that seat width, depth and height are
adequate for each individual user, and that the user’s weight
does not exceed the maximum weight recommended.

Item Dimensions (inches) R860 Large
Standard base
 Frame width short legs: 26¾
long legs: 26¾
short legs w/ casters: 27¾
long legs w/ casters: 27¾
 Seat height above floor    short legs: 16½ – 20½
long legs: 20 – 24
short legs w/ casters: 16½ – 20½
long legs w/ casters: 20 – 24
 Seat angle (tilt-in-space) – degrees  15° forward, 15° back
 Backrest angle – degrees  5° forward, 20° back
 Footboard knee angle – degrees  45° – 110°
 Seat height above footboard 11¼ – 21¼
 Seat width with hip guides
 without hip guides
11 – 14
 Seat depth 15 – 20
 Armrest height above seat 7 – 10½
 Trunk support width 9½ – 14
 Backrest height 19 – 24
 Headrest height above seat 19½ – 29½
Max. working load (lbs) 250

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