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Rifton K640 Large Pacer Gait Trainer for Disabled Person, Gait Training Device

  • Large Pacer -Used for:
    • A disabled client who learn to walk
    • A person lacking active use of trunk and leg muscles
  • For users with elbow height: 32-47 inches (81-119 cm)
  • Bears the maximum load of 200lbs (91kg)
  • Height of upper frame can be adjusted
  • Turning the screw on upper frame increases default force range of dynamic weight bearing system
  • Standard base has 4 casters of 5-1/2 inches each and every caster has a brake, swivel lock, and directional lock
  • The utility base has two casters of 8 inches each and two 11-1/2 inches rear wheels. They have brakes, directional lock and drag functions
  • Because of the wide, height adjustable treadmill base, it can be used on the treadmill
  • You can attach the accessories to this Gait Training Equipment by using clamps and posts
  • The accessories to be used on the frame Pacer Equipment are:
    • Odometer- displays distance travelled
    • Hand Loop -can be attached forward of the frame cross bar
    • Arm Prompts -can be attached forward of the frame cross bar
    • Chest Prompt- attach behind the frame cross bar
    • Hip Positioner- attach it away from the end of the top bar. It encourages forward leaning
    • Pelvic Support- attach a little bit away from the end of the top bar, it provides weight bearing assist
    • Thigh Prompts- behind the chest prompt on the top bar
    • Ankle Prompts- can be used on utility base and standard base both
    • Tray- attach it to the pacer with a clamp
    • Multi Positioning Saddle- attach under the upper frame.
    • Guide Bar- attach it to any side of center section on the base frame
  • After attaching required accessories, used can be positioned in the Pacer either in an anterior or posterior position
  • The Gait Pacer can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or solution of up to 10 percent bleach
  • Steel hardware items are zinc or nickel plated or stainless steel
  • The dimension of the Large Gait Pacer are:
    • Overall Width (Standard Base): 28 inches (71 cm)
    • Overall Length (Standard Base): 36 inches (91 cm)
    • Frame Height: 28-1/2 to 38-1/2 inches (Standard and Utility)
    • Frame Weight: 15-1/2 lbs (7 kg)

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With the aim to touch the lives of those facing difficulties due to their disability, Rifton embarked on a journey in 1997, determined to deliver the best designs for people with disabilities. To provide easy-use and functional solutions to enhance day to day activities of people with disabilities, Rifton Equipment delivers apparatus to offer complete support and stability. The Rifton E-Pacer is one such mobility equipment that helps the caregivers to lift the patients in a seated position conveniently.

Gait training has come a long way since we introduced our first model almost 30 years ago, and our Pacer continues to evolve and improve to meet our customers’ needs. Over the years your suggestions have helped us keep our design at the cutting edge. The Pacer, because it can be configured in so many ways, can accommodate clients of every ability, in any environment. It’s the versatility and dependability you’ve come to expect from Rifton.

Why dynamic?
Walking is complex. When we talk about dynamic gait training we refer to the often unobserved but significant shift s of body and weight that occur in typical gait patterns. Rift on’s dynamic Pacer allows the dynamic weight-bearing and weight-shifting needed for a natural gait pattern while providing the support necessary for correct posture.

Perfect positioning made easy

The single-column upper frame features a locking gas spring that adjusts to any height on the indexed column.

Combining the fluid height adjustments on the MPS and upper frame brings the seat low enough for transfers from the seated position.

Once the transfer is completed, caregivers raise the upper frame to bring the client into an upright position.

The Multi-Position Saddle (MPS) is the ultimate pelvic positioning accessory. Adjustable in five directions to accommodate each client’s posture, the MPS easily attaches to both the dynamic and standard upper frames.

Saddle height adjusts to fine-tune the amount of weight-bearing support during gait. Adjustment range: Large: 8½”, Med: 8½”, Small: 5½”

Saddle angle is adjustable to position the pelvis in anterior or posterior tilt for the most effective gait pattern.

Adjustment range: Large: 15° forward and 15° back Med/Small: 7° forward and 7° back

Saddle depth adjusts to optimally position the pelvis in relation to the upper body to encourage weight-bearing and forward motion during ambulation.

Adjustment range: Large: 5″, Med/Small: 4″

Infinite control for effective movement
The Pacer casters’ five functions let you fine-tune the Pacer’s movement as your clients gain control.

Variable drag
Made with the same material used in automotive brakes, our variable drag feature gives you greater control with the simple twist of a dial.

Swivel lock
Foot-activated swivel locks on each caster make the Pacer easier to steer.

Directional lock
Prevent involuntary backward movement with the one-way directional lock featured on each caster.

A measurable improvement
The odometer, available as an option on every Pacer base, records a client’s progress in either feet or meters. No more counting tiles!

The detachable upper frame makes it easy to stow and transport the Pacer. Separable components allow you to bring the right base for each client and every setting.

Go minimal
The new Pacer chest pad and handlebars form a lightweight configuration perfect for lower GMFCS levels. Available for small, medium and large Pacer sizes, these components allow easy transfers and quick adjustment.

Posterior position
Posterior positioning is a natural progression towards independent movement, and it gives the users improved access to their environment.

Note: The standard base is recommended for posterior positioning. When the utility base is reversed, steering is more difficult and the directional lock feature will not work.

Reverse the MPS
The MPS has been designed to allow reverse positioning of the saddle, which enables gait practice with the frame in the posterior position. For instructions on how to place the MPS in the posterior position.

Utility base
Easy-rolling over thresholds or thick carpet (or even outdoors on gravel or grass) is now yours with the large-wheeled utility base, letting you go places you never could before.

Treadmill/stability base

Now you can use your Pacer on the treadmill. Available in two widths, these bases straddle almost any treadmill and can be used with the large, medium and small upper frames. It’s not just for treadmill use; overground this base provides all the functions of our standard base but with increased width for better stability.

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Key user dimension: elbow height
Measure the vertical distance from the bent elbow to the fl oor
while the user is standing upright.
Choose the size that allows for growth
tem dimensions (inches)K610 miniK620 smallK630 mediumK640 largeK650 XL
Floor to top of arm prompt 15½ – 20½18½ – 27½24 – 3532 – 4734 – 49
Floor to top of MPS (not tilted)* N/A10 – 209½ – 23½17 – 3519½ – 37½
Overall widthStandard base:20½23262831½
Utility base:N/AN/A3032N/A
Narrow treadmill/stability base:N/A353535N/A
Wide treadmill/stability base:N/A404040N/A
Overall lengthStandard base:22½26303639¾
Utility base:N/AN/A3640½N/A
Treadmill/stability bases:N/A414141N/A
Frame heightStandard & utility bases:12½16 – 2121½ – 2728½ – 38½31 – 41
Treadmill/stability bases:N/A23 – 3523½ – 36½30 – 47N/A
Base height
(without upper frame)
Standard & utility bases:N/A1114½1618½
Treadmill/stability bases:N/A212121N/A
Frame weight (lbs)Standard base:10¼11½1515½22½
Utility base:N/AN/A18½19¼N/A
Narrow treadmill/stability base:N/A27½27½27½N/A
Wide treadmill/stability base:N/A282828N/A
Standard upper:N/A611
Dynamic upper:N/A11½13½15
Dynamic upper movementVertical:N/A222
Maximum treadmill widthNarrow treadmill/stability base:N/A292929N/A
Wide treadmill/stability base:N/A343434N/A
Maximum treadmill heightTreadmill/stability bases:N/A111111N/A
Maximum working load (lbs) 5075150200250

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