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Rifton K320 Low-base Tram for Lift, Transfer Patient. Transfer and Mobility Device

  • TRAM -a transfer and mobility device for lifting patient in seated position
  • Two models with floor to top of base leg height:
    • K310 TRAM: 6-3/4 inches (17.5cm)
    • K320 TRAM: 4-1/4 inches (10.5cm)
  • To be used for patients with:
    • Girth: 22-60 inches (56-152 cm)
    • Maximum Weight: 350lbs (160kg)
    • Maximum Height: 76 inches (193cm)
  • The mobility device for disabled person enables the caregiver to raise the patient in standing position
  • Front handle of the Tram allows the caregiver to manoeuvre the device. It is equipped with up/down switch that is used to adjust the height of body support
  • The patient transfer device incorporated a battery box that includes the microprocessor and a rechargeable battery that controls electric actuator
  • Fully charged battery provides approximately 70 complete lift cycles
  • Emergency button located on the front of battery box stops the TRAM motor in emergency situation
  • Emergency lowering button lowers the body support when the up/down switch fails
  • Width of the base frame can be adjusted from 27-1/2 to 40 inches (70-102 cm)
  • Tram-s body support includes body support pads, patient hand grips, ring clips, back belt and buckle
  • Accessories that can be attached to this Tram-s body support system are:
    • Thigh Straps
    • Pelvic Support
    • Arm Prompts
    • Arm Platforms
  • There are different accessories that have different functionality such as:
    • Scale: can be used to measure user-s weight and to measure the weight user is bearing during ambulation
    • Gait Tracker: access the information of TRAM on mobile phones via Bluetooth
    • Casters: multiple locking systems for straight motion, directional motion
  • Switch Pole makes the access of up/down switch easier
  • Lifting Speed: 1.5 inches/Sec
  • Dimensions of the TRAM-s both models are:
    • Overall Length: 45-1/2 inches (116cm)
    • Overall Width: 27-1/2 to 46 inches (70-117)
    • Overall Height: 43-1/2 to 58 inches Max. (110-147 cm)
    • Weight: 70lbs (32 kg)
    • Turning Diameter: 50 inches (127cm)
    • Min. User Armpit Height (when standing or ambulating): 30-1/2 inches (77cm)

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With the aim to touch lives of those facing difficulties due to their disability, Rifton embarked on a journey in 1997, determined to deliver the best designs for people with disabilities. To provide easy-use and functional solutions to enhance day to day activities of people with disabilities, Rifton Equipment deliver apparatus to offer complete support and stability. One of its transportation gears, the Tram is designed to help maintain an upright posture and aids in movement.

The TRAM is a transfer and mobility device that delivers three powerful functions in one compact unit. With gait training, sit-to-stand, and seated transfer capability, the TRAM off ers far more than a standard patient lift at a remarkably low price. Th e TRAM features an innovative, patented support system that secures the client with a single buckle. Th is enables the caregiver to quickly prepare the client for a safe transfer. At just over 70 pounds, the TRAM’s compact, lightweight frame is maneuverable in confi ned areas and simple to transport or store. Quickly adoptable by multiple caregivers, the TRAM’s intelligent engineering signifi cantly reduces back strain and stress, providing a smarter and safer environment for caregivers.

TRAM Features

Low-base TRAM
Smaller casters and a low frame profi le make the TRAM perfect for rolling into tight spaces such as beneath hospital beds.

Effortless adjustments
The lift column adjusts from 43½”to 58″. The legs expand to fi t around large wheelchairs.

In-home healthcare solution
The TRAM’s versatility makes it the perfect sit-to-stand solution for clients who need help getting up or support while walking. Compact and agile, the TRAM is ideal for in-home care.

Gait Tracker
The TRAM scale connects with a phone or tablet via Bluetooth to display scale data on Rifton’s Gait Tracker app. The Gait Tracker shows a running average of the weight measured by the scale and calculates average weightbearing for a gait training session.

Mount a phone on the patient handgrip with a bicycle phone mount to make the scale visible to the client.

Three powerful functions in one device

1. Gait training
With the switch pole in place, the front handle can be removed to increase a client’s independence and access to his environment.

Walking safely with support
The TRAM provides safe supported ambulation without using additional fl oor space or staff. The pelvic support eliminates a client’s fear of falling, allowing for increased focus on essential tasks while maintaining or regaining the ability to walk. Whether for daily exercise or more demanding rehab, the TRAM’s combined sit-to-stand and supported walking functions make it ideal for home or institutional settings.

2. Sit-to-stand transfers

Sit-to-stand for health
The ability to transition between sitting and standing is critical for a client’s independence and health. The TRAM’s pelvic support makes it safe and easy to assist a client with movement regardless of the caregiver’s or client’s size.

3. Seated transfers

The TRAM’s low profi le combined with the comfortable body support and thigh straps give clients security, dignity and unobstructed eye contact with their caregivers and surroundings during a seated transfer.

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Item Dimensions (inches) K310 TRAM K320 TRAM
Overall length 45½ Same
Overall width 27½ – 40 Same
Overall height 43½ – 58 Same
TRAM weight (lbs) 70 Same
Turning diameter 50 Same
Floor to top of base leg for furniture clearance Same
Min. user armpit height (when standing or ambulating) 30½ Same
Max. user height (when standing or ambulating) 76 Same
Max. working load (lbs) 350 Same

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