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Rifton K150 Mobile Stander [Medium] for Physical Development and Traveling Assistance

  • The Small Mobile Stander measures 25 x 25.5 in. long and wide. The adjustable height can expanded up to 23.5-30 in.
  • The versatile design adjusts according to varying sizes and requirements of users
  • Removable arm prompts allow greater shoulder and head control
  • Completely adjustable and removable communication tray is sized to hold objects for activities for ease of access while standing
  • Soft fleece strap delivers a comfortable experience while standing, while supporting the back or neck
  • Supports zero-weight bearing users, enabling them mobility and helping them stand upright
  • Weight- bearing and mobility skills are enhanced and gradually increase with adjustable seat pads
  • Knew straps provide extra security while the equipment is moving
  • The large wheels on the chair are optional and can be removed according to requirement
  • Wheel lock offer complete security while spoke guards protect fingers and hand rims avoid hands getting soiled
  • Simpler transfers and more user-participation is facilitated with an extra wide deck

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With the aim to touch lives of those facing difficulties due to their disability, Rifton embarked on a journey in 1997, determined to deliver the best designs for people with disabilities. To provide easy-use and functional solutions to enhance day to day activities of people with disabilities, Rifton Equipment deliver apparatus to offer complete support and stability. One of its transportation gears, the mobile stander is designed to help maintain an upright posture and aids in movement.

Mobile Stander

Standing skills, social skills and the freedom to experience the world upright: the Mobile Stander provides these benefi ts and more. Th is user-propelled standing device gives new independence for wheelchair-bound clients. It helps strengthen critical motor skills so a client can progress toward independent standing. In addition, it enables easy, upright interaction with peers and activities, providing enrichment opportunities and just plain fun.

Why is standing so important?

  • Research indicates that standing:
  • Improves bone density
  • Prolongs stretch for tight muscles at hips, knees and ankles
  • Improves pulmonary and digestive function
  • Enables eye-level social interaction
  • Creates access to more activities and experiences
  • Supports self-confi dence and cognitive growth

Mobile Stander features

Have fun while developing new skills.

Because the Mobile Stander encourages vertical posturing with weight-bearing and balance challenges similar to those experienced with independent standing, it represents a step up therapeutically from the Prone Stander. Th is is especially true if the device is used in reverse. With its large wheels, the Mobile Stander provides self-propelled exploration and freedom. When the large wheels are removed, the stander gives wide-open access to tables or countertops. Users interact with their peers and their environments, unaware that they are developing weight-shift ing, balance and postural control at the same time.

Why use a Mobile Stander?

  • For social interaction: Users are placed in an upright and mobile position, which facilitates eye-level interaction with their peers and participation in class activities.
  • For independent mobility: The side wheels give the user control and opportunities to explore independently.
  • To improve weight-bearing: The Mobile Stander can support some or all of a user’s weight, providing opportunities to develop weight-bearing ability.
  • To improve weight-shifting and postural control: The self-propelled mobility offered by the Mobile Stander stimulates postural righting reactions and weight-shifting.
  • To improve trunk control: The adjustable body support on the Mobile Stander can be lowered to promote independent trunk control. Additionally, the Mobile Stander can be used in the reverse position to further challenge trunk control

With the large wheels removed, Amanda gets close to the table. The seat pad supports her body weight as she learns to stand.

When Carolyn can actively extend her hips and knees to bear her own weight, she is placed in the reverse position. This allows free arm movement as her standing ability develops.

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User Dimensions (inches) K110 Mini K130 Small K150 Medium K170 Large
Height 25 – 32 30 – 40 37 – 52 48 – 65

Key user dimension: height
Select the appropriate Mobile Stander by the user’s overall height.
Choose the model that allows for growth.

Important: User’s weight must not exceed the maximum working load.

Item Dimensions (inches) K110 Mini K130 Small K150 Medium K170 Large
Overall length and width 25 x 25 25 x 25½ 32 x 29 39 x 33½
Overall height 22½ – 28 23½ – 30 31 – 39 37½ – 49
Width without large wheels 19½ 19½ 24½ 28¾
Wheel diameter 20 20 27 35
Width of body support 7 – 10 7 – 10 9 – 12 10 – 14
Height of body support 16½ – 22 22 – 29 29 – 38 36 – 48
Item weight (lbs) 28 30 40 65
Max. working load (lbs) 50 50 120 175

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