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Rifton E940 [Medium] Prone Stander for Physical Development and Posture Support

  • Available in Medium size, the Prone Stander includes
    • A pair of trunk laterals
    • Hip Strap
    • Padding
  • Footboard This stander encourages the use of both hands and arms when engaging in skill enhancing activities
  • Easy movement and a weight-bearing structure provide support and stability
  • Comfortable postural support help provide hip alignment and strengthens lower bod muscles
  • Encourages social interaction by positioning user at eye-level and helps build head control
  • Let-s you adjust the height of the mainboard and footboard individually to achieve the most efficient posture
  • With a 0-to 85-Calibrated angle adjuster, it is easy to adjust the amount of comfortable weight-bearing of the user
  • The curved frame takes up minimum floor space and allows the caregiver hassle-free access
  • Adjustment features allow multiple client use
  • Removable kneeboard provides convenience to smaller children
  • Transfers are made easy with the floorboard almost at floor level when vertical
  • Equipped with double locking castors that ensure prevention of rolling and swivelling during transfers
  • Allows adjustability of the stander board from horizontal to vertical with user-friendly crank handles

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Founded by a leading manufacturer of furniture and equipment for early childhood settings, Rifton equipment came into being in 1997. Rifton Equipment is developing with care, different positioning systems and mobile equipment for sitting and standing, with various sizes for efficiency to all ages. The Prone Stander is one such mobility equipment that helps bring children closer to an easier and effective way of carrying out their daily activities.

The physiological benefi ts of standing are enormous – not to mention the psychological benefi ts of being able to tackle activities in an upright position, participating at eye level alongside peers.

Prone Standers provide anterior support and stability, while encouraging weight-bearing and the use of both hands and arms. Versatile, tool free adjustments make it easy for therapists and caregivers to adapt to the user’s growth and developing skills.

Why use a Prone Stander?

  • For upright social interaction: The Prone Stander offers users the opportunity to be at eye-level with their peers and participate in class activities while still being supported adequately at the trunk.
  • For improving head and trunk control: The prone tilt of the main board engages the pull of gravity on the head and upper trunk, cueing the use of the neck and trunk extensor muscles in maintaining an upright head position. The main board can also be lowered to increase postural challenge to the upper trunk.
  • To minimize extensor tone: The prone tilt of the main board engages the pull of gravity to counteract extensor tone and thrust.
  • For pressure relief: The Prone Stander is a great temporary alternative to wheelchair positioning, relieving pressure on the ischial tuberosities and other areas susceptible to skin breakdown.
  • For gradual increase in weight-bearing: The zero to 85° angle adjustment makes it easy to monitor and adjust the rate and amount of weight-bearing the user can manage comfortably.
  • For better hip extension and alignment: Hip range of motion and integrity can be maintained in the prone position with the fi rm anterior support and the abductor options.

Prone Stander features

The sturdy curved frame gives plenty of room for the caregiver to work comfortably with the client, as well as enabling eye-level social interaction.

The open access and prone tilt encourages head and neck control and use of both hands and arms.

On the small Stander the kneeboard can be removed for the smallest children.

Note that the small size has two narrow straps instead of one wide one.

The tray provides plenty of space for a communication device or other activities.

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User dimensions (Inches) E930 Small E940 Medium E950 Large
Height 25 – 48 44 – 59 57 – 72

Key user dimension: height
Select the appropriate Prone Stander by the user’s overall height.
Choose the model that allows for growth.

Important: User’s weight must not exceed the maximum work ing load.

Item dimensions (inches) E930 Small E940 Medium E950 Large
Board length 23½ (16 without kneeboard) 30 39
Board width (top / bottom) 12½ / 12½ 11 / 16 14 / 19
Top of board to footboard 20 – 35 33 – 43½ 44 – 57
Height when horizontal 29½ 29½ 31½
Height when vertical 38½ 45½ 61
Distance between laterals 8 – 16 8 – 16 12 – 22
Base width 23 26 30
Base length 35 39½ 44
Tray inside width (widest point) 22½ 22½ 29½
Tray inside length 17½ 17½ 17½
Max. working load (lbs) 100 150 200

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