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Rifton [E420] Small Supine Stander for Vertical Support and Physical Growth

  • Available in Small size, the Supine Stander includes
  • Padding
  • Footboard
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Hip Strap
  • Chest strap
  • Leg straps
  • One pair of laterals, head blocks
  • Double-locking casters
  • The frame allows clients to stand at eye-level with peers for a better experience
  • Helps facilitate bone and muscle development with the proper posture
  • Use of both arms and hands is encouraged while engaging in activities
  • Support and stability is provided with easy movement and weight-bearing structure
  • The fold down support delivers head support for users who require head balance and control
  • Encourages social interaction by positioning user at eye-level and helps build head control
  • Rotate or slide the lateral supports in, out, up or down for adjustable multiple movement capability, aiding transfers and boosting support
  • Adjustable armrests can be folded down when not required and can move up and down the frame or can pivot at various angles to assist upper body control
  • Accurate positioning is made easy with a 0-to 85-calibrated angle adjustment
  • Adjustment features allow multiple client use
  • The stander is equipped with a manual crank which helps raise and lower the stander from 21 in. to 30 in. in the horizontal position
  • The double locking castors that ensure prevention of rolling and swivelling during movement
  • Allowing the caregiver plenty of foot-room, the curved frame grants close proximity while making a transfer in and out of other equipment
  • The adjustable footboard can be raised to elevate the user to a comfortable height for interaction

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With the aim to touch the lives of those facing difficulties due to their disability, Rifton embarked on a journey in 1997, determined to deliver the best designs for people with disabilities. To provide easy-use and functional solutions to enhance day to day activities of people with disabilities, Rifton Equipments deliver apparatus to offer support and stability to the lower body. One of its mobility gears, the supine stander is designed to deliver effective standing aid to people of various ages.

Standing changes how people see and experience the world. Our Supine Standers allow for greater social interaction and involvement in a wide range of therapeutic or recreational activities. With posterior and lateral support, the Supine Stander provides maximum stability while allowing partial weight-bearing and freedom of movement.

Why use a Supine Stander?

Standing option for medically involved clients: The firm main board of the Supine Stander gives users with significant musculoskeletal weakness secondary to prolonged immobilization the opportunity to be positioned upright. Stability is provided posteriorly, making the Supine Stander a comfortable option for users with a tracheotomy.

  • For gradual progression to an upright position: The Supine Stander is effective for assisting individuals who have been bedridden for a long time to a standing position. The precise angle adjustment makes it ideal for people with orthostatic hypotension to lessen the adverse hemodynamic response from a rapid change in position.
  • Upright interaction: Users can be at eye-level with their peers, participating in activities and initiating communication.
  • To improve head control: The head support on the stander can be flipped down to allow the user opportunities to initiate and maintain head control.
  • Easier transfers: The large Supine Stander provides vertical adjustments of the mainboard from 21″to 30″, making transfers to the stander easier from a wheelchair or bed.

Supine Stander features

Supported by the hand Anchor, this child is able to participate in activities she enjoys.

This client has advanced so far that the headrest can now be flipped back out of the way.

The Supine Stander stays secure at any angle. Turn the crank to gradually increase weight-bearing.

Easy transfers for large clients

The large Supine Stander makes transfers easy. The manual crank raises the stander from 21″ (wheelchair height) to 30″ in the horizontal position.

Use the frame’s marked calibrations to record and maintain each client’s optimal position.

Once upright, the client is on the same level with caregivers and peers and can interact with her environment.

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User Dimensions (inches) E420 Small E430 Large
Height 30 – 50 46 – 72
Key user dimension: height
Select the appropriate stander by the user’s overall height.
Choose the model that allows for growth.
Important: User’s weight must not exceed the maximum working load.
Item Dimensions (inches) E420 Small E430 Large
Board length and width 53 x 16½ 73 x 19
Distance between laterals 7 – 13 9 – 16
Height when horizontal 28½ 21 – 30
Height when vertical 54½ 74
Base length and width 37½ x 27 46½ x 29½
Max. working load (lbs) 100 250

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