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Rifton E-Pacer to Lift, Transfer Patient for Highly Dependent Patients. Gait Trainer

  • Life changing solution for highly dependent patient who need transferring between small distances
  • Provides support for standing or ambulation. This E-Pacer enables the caregiver to lift patient in seated posture and transfer between beds, wheelchairs etc.
  • Usable For Patients With:
  • Girth: 22-60 inched (56-152 cm)
  • Maximum Weight of 350lbs (160 kg)
  • Maximum Height of 77 inches (196cm)
  • Body support of this Transfer and Mobility device includes body support pads, patient hand grips, ring clips, the back belt and buckle
  • Dual action safety buckle of Back belt prevents accidental release
  • You can also attach additional accessory to the E-Pacer including:
    • Thigh Straps
    • Pelvic Support
    • Hip Positioner
    • Arm Prompts
    • Arm Platforms
  • This Patient Mobility Device operates on rechargeable battery; charge the battery every night for longer durability
  • Battery box houses a microprocessor and battery that controls and powers the actions of mobility device for patients
  • Up and Down arrows on the battery box control the vertical movement of device
  • Emergency stop button mounted on battery box stops the E-Pacer in emergency situations
  • If Up/Down switch fails, Emergency Lowering Button mounted on front panel of battery box
  • Width of the base frame can be adjusted between 31-1/2 to 51-3/4 inches with the help of base frame extension system
  • Premium grade casters with multiple locking system that allows the patient to travel in straight line, change the direction
  • The E-Pacer Versatile Device is equipped with
    • Front Handle -enables to mobilise the E-Pacer
    • Scale -measures patient-s weight and weight the client bears during ambulation
    • Gait Tracker -app allows the data to display on the mobile phones via Bluetooth connection
    • Odometer -displays distance travelled
  • Switch pole is designed to place Up/Down switch within the reach of client
  • This reliable mobility equipment for patients measures:
    • Overall Length: 44-3/4 inches (113.5cm)
    • Overall Width: 31-1/2 to 51-3/4 inches (80-131.5)
    • Overall Height: 32-3/4 to 59 inches Max. (83.5-150 cm)
    • Weight: 72lbs (32.5 kg)
    • Turning Diameter: 50 inches (127cm)
    • Floor to top of base leg: 8-3/4 inches (22.5cm)
    • User Armpit Height (when standing or ambulating): 31-1/2 inches (80cm)

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Founded by a leading manufacturer of furniture and equipment for early childhood settings, Rifton equipment came into being in 1997. Rifton Equipment is developing with care, different positioning systems and mobile equipment for sitting and standing, with various sizes and postural support for efficiency to all ages and functions. The Rifton E-Pacer is one such mobility equipment that helps the caregivers to lift the patients in a seated position conveniently.

The Rifton E-Pacer is the largest member of the Pacer family.

Its sit-to-stand lift functionality removes a major barrier to gait training for large or highly dependent clients. Th e E-Pacer combines the powerful electric lift column and secure body support of Rift on’s TRAM with the multi-function casters of the Pacer. Th e result is more than the sum of its parts. Th e E-Pacer can be a life-changing solution for clients who have grown too large or too dependent to be safely transferred into manual gait trainers. Its strong and stable frame accommodates users up to 6′ 5″ and 350 lbs.

E-Pacer features

Effortless adjustments
The lift column adjusts from 32¾” to 59″. The legs expand to fi t around large wheelchairs.

The E-Pacer’s ankle prompts prevent scissoring and regulate stride length and placement.

Gait Tracker
The E-Pacer scale connects with a phone or tablet via Bluetooth to display scale data on Rifton’s Gait Tracker app. The Gait Tracker shows a running average of the weight measured by the scale and calculates average weightbearing for a gait training session.

Mount a phone on the patient handgrip with a bicycle phone mount to make the scale visible to the client.

Transfers made easy

The E-Pacer’s electric lift makes the initial transfer safe and simple even with large clients. Here is one possible sequence for a no-lift transfer:

Transfer the client onto the pelvic support in a seated transfer using the thigh straps.

Use the pelvic support for a sit-to-stand transfer.

Begin gait training.

Room to dance!
The E-Pacer’s wide base provides stability and ample space for unobstructed footwork. Expanding the base legs gives even more room for clients who need extra step width.

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Item dimensions (inches) K660 E-Pacer
Overall length 44¾
Overall width 31½ – 51¾
Overall height 32¾ – 59
E-Pacer frame weight (lbs) 72
Turning diameter 50
Floor to top of base leg for furniture clearance
Min. user armpit height (when standing or ambulating) 31½
Max. user height (when standing or ambulating) 77
Max. working load (lbs) 350

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