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Neofect Neomano with Powerful Force, Bluetooth Remote Control, Anti-Slip Material, Customizable Grip Shape

  • Neomano is designed to increase the movement of the hand
  • It is a wearable, soft robotic hand that fits over the thumb, index and middle finger, leaving the other fingers uncovered
  • Helpful for people having very less strength in the hand and those with poor wrist movement
  • Customized grip shape and fixable splice makes it usable for different patients
  • Made with an anti-slip material, this customizable robotic glove supports up to 20N power
  • With Bluetooth remote control, Neomano rehab device can be controlled easily
  • It can be easily replaced when broken or contaminated
  • Can be used to perform several daily tasks including writing, eating and opening doors
  • Some of the features of this flexible glove for rehabilitation are:
    • Glove Material: Leather, Velcro, Non-slip cloth
    • Wire Material: Synthetic thread
    • Holding Power: Up to 2Kg
    • Strap Material: Neoprene
    • Thumb Splint Material: Aluminum
    • Voltage: 3.6V
    • Power Source: AA cell x 3ea
    • Size: 51x95x30 mm
    • Weight: 65g (without battery)
  • Some of the smart features of Bluetooth remote control are:
    • Power Source: AAA cell x 2ea
    • Size: 31.5x100x26 mm
    • Weight: 39g (without battery)
    • Battery Life: 150 days

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Neofect has been designing and developing medical products since 2010 to improve the life of people diagnosed with neurological disorders. The company manufactures several devices that help in the balanced movement of different body parts and improves coordination among patients suffering from impaired gait and movement. Using cutting-edge technology these high- rehab devices improve the response of the body to rehab treatments. The top product line of Neofect includes smart glove, smart kids, smart board, smart balance, and smart pegboard. Neomano is one such product developed by Neofect. It enables people with hand paralysis to perform essential daily activities.

Robotic Grasp Assist

Neomano is a wearable, soft robotic hand created by Neofect that enables and empowers people with hand paralysis to perform daily activities. It fits over the thumb, index, and middle finger while leaving the other fingers and part of the hand uncovered.


Full & Half grip
Customizable grip shape with fixable splice

Powerful Force
Support up to 20N of grip power with Anti-slip material

Easy to use
Easy control with bluetooth remote control

Replaceable glove
Easily replaced when broken or contaminated

Neomano helps boost confidence by providing more independence.


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