Lode Body Weight Support System with Remote Control, Size M Harness, Multifunctional, Single Point Suspension, Easy Weight Unloading

  • Lode Body Weight Support System is a reliable support that system that is used to support patients who are not able to walk independently
  • This rehabilitation system enables the patients to walk again
  • Weight of patient can be supported accurately up to 80kg during the training, allowing a wide range of patients to use this system
  • With a remote control, the compensation weight can be adjusted
  • Weight is compensated through the use of spring combinations, providing most stable compensation system
  • It is suitable for treadmills with a 60cm maximum walking surface width
  • This Lode rehabilitation system comes with M size harness, ensuring comfortable fitting for the patient
  • Optimum height of this body weight support system makes it suitable for normal rooms
  • Body weight can be easily and quickly unloaded with a remote control
  • Treadmill can be used in different ergometry fields including cardiology, rehabilitation, sports medicine, pulmonary function and physiotherapy, as a stand-alone unit or controlled by other equipment
  • The system can be moved when not in use without any hassle
  • The patient can move freely without any hindrance of the system
  • Remote control offers adjustment possibilities through VMSA (Versatile Multi Spring Adjustability) and visual feedback through LED lighted control panel
  • The patient does not get burdened by compensation weight, enabling comfortable way of rehabilitation
  • With single point suspension, the dynamic up and down movement is possible that allows patient to move and rotate freely
  • Other specifications of Lode Body Weight Support Device are:
    • Weight support steps: 0.1kg
    • Versatile multi-spring adjustability (VSMA) Min.: 0kg
    • Versatile multi-spring adjustability (VSMA) Max.: 80kg
    • Allowed user weight: 160kg
    • Maximum lifting weight: 160kg
    • Dimensions (WxLxH): 142x160x250cm
    • Weight: 100kg
    • Inner width: 110cm
    • Innner width with optional handrails: 66cm
    • Maximum patient height: 215cm

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Lode has been continuously conceptualizing and manufacturing a range of healthcare products for people suffering from various problems. The organization inspires and helps people to lead better lives and believes in developing medical devices after extensive research. A comprehensive range of advanced products developed by Lode includes arm ergometer, bicycle ergometer, biometry, calibrator, treadmill and other rehabilitation training tools. Lode Body Weight Support System is one of the equipment that is developed to support patient who are unable to walk independently. The Lode BWSS an ideal product which provides support in order to make people walk again.

The Lode Body Weight Support System (BWSS) is especially developed to support patients that are not able to walk independently. They need support in order to be able to learn how to walk again. The Lode BWSS is the perfect product to enable this. During the training session, the patient weight can be supported accurately up to 80 kg, allowing a broad range of patients to use the system. The compensation weight can easily be adjusted with a remote control. The weight is compensated through a unique use of spring combinations, which is a breakthrough and provides the most stable compensation system. This system is suitable for treadmills with a maximum walking surface width of 60 cm. It is standard supplied with a harness size M.

The height of the product is suitable for normal rooms (from 2,5 meters). For higher rooms you may consider to order height adjustment parts to enable use by taller patients. This will increase the height with 18 cm. Part number of this option is 932824.

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Weight support steps0.1 kg0.2 lbssteps in which the bodyweight support can be adjusted


Versatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Min.0 kg0.2 lbsVersatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Min.
Versatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Max.80 kg0.2 lbsVersatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Max.
Allowed user weight160 kg0.2 lbsmaximum patient weight
Maximum lifting weight160 kg0.2 lbsmaximum body weight that can be unloaded


Product length (cm)160 cm63 inchlength of product in cm
Product width (cm)142 cm55.9 inchwidth of the product in cm
Product height250 cm98.4 inchheight of product
Product weight100 kg220.5 lbsthe weight of the product
Inner width110 cm43.3 inchspace between the stands of the product
Inner width with optional handrails66 cm26 inchspace between the optional handrails
Maximum patient height215 cm84.6 inchmaximum height of the patient, including treadmill height



Brochure Body Weight Support System English (High-res)
Brochure Body Weight Support System English (Low-res)

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