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Jenx Supine Stander – Size 1 Supine Standing System (9 months – 4 Years Old Children)

  • Size 1 is ideal for 9 months to 4 years old children, supporting a maximum weight of 25 kg
  • Chest straps fasten in the middle ensuring the correct midline & symmetrical development
  • Several head rest options to give additional support when needed by rehab patients
  • De-rotational thoracic & pelvic straps can be adjusted separately from sides to attain the desired position for the patient
  • Preferable for rehab patients with unchanging needs requiring a solid board supine support
  • Ideal for at home rehab therapy sessions due to tool free adjustment of the supine stander
  • All support pads are made of antimicrobial polyurethane that reduces the likelihood of infections
  • Angle adjustments can be both manual and power supported for sizes 2 and 3
  • Size 3 includes an additional headrest to give extra support when needed by the adult
  • Available in 5 different colours (green, red, grey, pink and blue) to aid the children visually

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Production of high-quality development equipment for children has been the grand focus of Jenx since the year 1982. It is one of the best manufactures out there who have dedicated their lives in order to improve basic seating and standing conditions of many children. Jenx holds expertise in manufacturing equipment for paediatric therapy for children with special postural support needs. Jenx Supine Stander is designed keeping the early spinal development of children in mind. This rehab stander is best suited for users with moderate to low ability and provides maximum support and adjustments as required in their rehab therapy.

Angle Adjustment

Each user will have a slightly different posture in standing and need slightly different support. The anle of the support surface can be adjusted from horizontal through to upright 90 degrees. This adjustment is infinite – meaning the exact angle required by the individual can be set, progress monitored and the angle re-assessed and adapted in line with the user’s progress.

Innovative Knee Support

Knee support pads for the Supine range come in 4 sizes, complete with de-rotational knee straps. Size 2 & Size 3 knee straps are uniquely designed to avoid pressure on the patella whilst still providing flexible, de-rotational support. A knee flexion option is also available to cater for fixed flexion at the knees.

Foot Positioning

The Supine Stander 3 provides a split footplate, enabling one foot to be positioned higher than the other without the need for sandal raising blocks. The Supine Stander 1 & 2 provide this via the use of sandal raising blocks.

Head Positioning

The Supine Stander range offers various types of head positioning: There’s a PU head rest in matching (or contrasting) colours to the main support boards, which can help extend the height of the Supine Stander and provides minimal support for those with good head control; a head pad cushion that simply velcro’s into place and uses 2 small side pads to cradle the head to provide head support for those with simple head positioning needs; or there’s the original and innovative Jenx Multigrip headrest. The Multigrip is designed for those with more complex requirements as it has individual “fingers” that can be adjusted to cushion, support and control almost any head position.

Smooth and Easy Transfers

The ability to adjust the angle of the Supine Stander to fully horizontal, and then remove the support pads fully, means that it is easy to hoist or lift users on to the Supine frame. The support pads can then be adjusted whilst the user is still horizontal to ensure the optimum fit. The infinite and smooth angle adjustment enables the user to then be raised to the required angle and any final adjustments made with the minimum of fuss and maximum of dignity. This also provides less strain for carers too.

PU Support Pads

Available in red, blue, lime green, pink or grey, both the main frame boards and support pads on the Supine Standers are all made out of polyurethane or PU. PU is a highly flexible and vesatile material that is impervious to fluids, contains an antimicrobial agent and is therefore easy to clean and ideal from an infection control viewpoint. PU pads can simply be cleaned with an anti bacterial spray or wipe, which is particularly beneficial on standing products where soiling of equipment can make it time consuming to clean.

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Supine Supine Stander – Standing System Standing is a dynamic process requiring tiny movements of many joints alongside control of the limbs. The Jenx range of supine standers are designed to support standing by enabling the joints to be supported but mobile – this trains balance and encourages development.  The range of accessories available plus the ability to adjust the angle from fully horizontal through to upright mean that the Supine Standers provide oustanding postural support and pelvic stability.  In addition as each frame can be fully reclined to the horizontal position and all supports removed, this minimises transfer time and manual handling risks to the user and carer.


  • PU Support Pads
    • Flexible, easy to clean and impervious to fluids, PU boards and support pads ensure the  Supine Stander can be kept clean and hygienic for infection control
    • New bright colours in Pink, Red, Blue, Lime or Neutral mean that boards can be matched with different coloured PU accessories
  • De-rotational Thoracic and Pelvic Straps with Lateral Support Pads
    • Straps fasten in the centre and adjust independently from either side, enabling a mid-line position to be achieved and maintained
    • Buckles and velcro mean that once adjusted correctly the straps can be fixed ensuring they are safe and secure
    • Support pads available in small, medium, large, XL and slimline options
  • Abduction Block 
    • (Supine Stander size 3 only) Unique height adjustable abduction block with simple options to create varying degrees of abduction quickly and easily
  • Knee Flexion Pads
    • Knee support pads complete with de-rotational straps and adjustable padding to accommodate fixed knee flexion in standing
  • Smooth and Simple Adjustment
    • Angle can be adjusted with the child in the standing frame
    • Easily set up using the angle gauge on the frame
    • Frame can be tilted to be completely horizontal
    • Power assisted option or manual option on Size 2
    • On Supine Stander size 3, numbered boards enable set ups to be recorded and recreated in a multi-user environment

Technical Specifications

 Supine Stander by Jenx Measurement Units Supine
Stander 1
Stander 2
Stander 3
 Age Range  approx  mths/yrs  9mths – 4yrs  3yrs – 11yrs  10yrs – 18yrs
 User Weight  max kg  25   50   100 
 User Height  max mm  1060   1460  1900
 Chest Width  min – max  mm  130 – 310  130 – 310  220 – 440 
 Hip Width  min – max  mm  130 – 310  130 – 310   220 – 440 
 Knee Pad Width  min – max  mm  130 – 310  130 – 310   220 – 440 
 Tilt-in-Space  supine  degrees  10˚- 90˚  10˚- 90˚   10˚- 90˚
 Footplate Angle  dorsiflexion – plantar flexion  degrees  0˚   0˚   20˚ – 20˚
 Board Height From Footplate  min – max   mm  500 – 1070  900 – 1470 1540 – 1640 
 Board Size width x length   mm 480 x 940  480 x 1345  640 x 1530
 Base Size  width x length    mm  575 x 660  650 x 995  750 x 1070

Jenx Supine Size 1 & 2 Product Brochure  – DOWNLOAD PDF
Jenx Standing Poster – DOWNLOAD PDF
Box Dimensions for Shipping – DOWNLOAD PDF
Jenx Supine Technical Specifications – DOWNLOAD PDF
Jenx Safety, Care & Warranty Information Instructions for Use – part 1 of 2 – DOWNLOAD PDF
Jenx Supine 1&2 Instructions for Use – part 2 of 2 – DOWNLOAD PDF
Jenx Supine 3 Instructions for Use – part 2 of 2 (continued)DOWNLOAD PDF

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