Jenx Rolls, Mats and Wedges with Comfortable Fabric, Fire Retardant and Water Repellent Covers, Antimicrobial Surface, Easy Usability

  • A set of Jenx Rolls, Mats and Wedges is colorful, soft and comfortable support system that can be used for different applications
  • Jenx Wedges is designed to be used for both prone and supine lying
  • The wedges can be used with different accessories to enhance postural control and stability
  • Jenx Rolls can be used in lying to support both legs at the knees
  • The comfortable rolls increase stability and help to prevent legs rolling to the side or the user windsweeping
  • Rolls help to improve sitting balance and to practice sit to stand while maintaining a neutral or abducted hip position
  • Mats are designed in different shapes and sizes as per the user’s requirements
  • Each equipment can be cleaned without any hassle
  • Features water repellent and fire retardant covers, ensuring safe and pleasant usage
  • Antimicrobial material makes these equipment suitable for using in therapy with multiple children
  • Made from durable fabric, the covers ensure long lasting performance
  • Each product is available in 5 different colors including Blue, Red, Pink, Grey and Green
  • Wedges can be used with straps to prevent active users from rolling off the wedges and abduction blocks to maintain a neutral or abducted hip position
  • Jenx Roll can be used with multiple accessories for supine lying to offer a comfortable position for the legs whilst reducing abdominal cavity pressure especially helpful immediately after a meal
  • Wedges are available in 5 sizes:
    • Size 1: 600x190x600x20
    • Size 2: 500x150x500x20
    • Size 3: 1200x350x600x20
    • Size 4: 920x300x600x20
    • Size 5: 600x210x600x50
  • Rolls are available in 4 sizes:
    • Size 1 (LxD): 600×300
    • Size 2 (LxD): 900×300
    • Size 3 (LxD): 1200×300
    • Size 4 (LxD): 900×350

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For last 30 years, Jenx has been designing and manufacturing a range of postural equipment to provide support to specially-abled children. The organization conceptualizes the support systems after keeping in mind the need of children with different disabilities. A comprehensive range of products developed by Jenx include Ziggy (positioning system), Side Lying Board, Therapy Bench, Nursery Table and more. Rolls, Mats and Wedges manufactured by Jenx are used to create play opportunities. These posture support equipment can be used for some therapy treatments. Wedges are good to be used for prone and supine lying. The comfortable rolls are used to in lying to support legs at the knees.

A range of soft, colourful and comfortable supports in various shapes and sizes, which can be used to create play opportunities and for specific therapy treatments.

Rolls: These can be used to support both legs at the knees.  This helps to increase the stability of the child and helps to prevent legs rolling to the side or the child “windsweeping”. T-rolls are particularly effective in reducing windsweep in lying.Rolls are also a great aid when practising sitting balance and also sit to stand.  They help the child to maintain a neutral or abducted hip position so the child can improve the standing position achieved.

Mats: These are custom made to the size and shape your child needs.  Just fill out the form found under Documents and Letters and fax or email it to your local distributor for a quotation.

Wedges: Can be used for prone and also supine lying and have accessories to enhance postural control and stability.

Features & Benefits:

Durable, Vibrant Colours

Covers made from durable fabric in 5 different bright and friendly colour options lengthen the life of your product.

Easy Care

Each product is covered in PU fabric that contains an antimicrobial agent. This makes the Jenx therapy range hygienic, easy to clean, water repellent, and fire retardant to make your item safe, easy to keep clean and pleasant to use.

Range of Accessories

Wedges used for prone lying can have straps to keep a child centred on the wedge, plus side walls to prevent active children from rolling off the wedge, and also abduction blocks to maintain a neutral or abducted hip position in prone lying.

Wedges used for supine lying can also have straps, side walls and abduction blocks and can also be used in conjunction with a roll to provide a comfortable position for the legs whilst reducing abdominal cavity pressure, especially helpful after a meal.

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