Jenx Prone Stander – Upright Prone Standing System with Slick Black Frame, Adjustable Supports, Adjustable Chest and Hip Pads, Angle Adjustable Activity Tray

  • Jenx Prone Stander is designed for assisting prone standing and offers a range of angles so that optimum position for a child can be achieved easily
  • It makes the standing enjoyable and simpler for the user
  • Features an angle adjustable tray that provides a perfect surface usable for different activities
  • The tray features contrasting edges that give definitive boundary making it useful for users with visual impairments
  • This Prone Standing System includes fully adjustable supports made from polyurethane
  • Antimicrobial agent on the adjustable supports ensure safe usage for children
  • Includes adjustable PU moulded chest and hip pads that can be adjusted to different widths, heights and angles
  • The hip and chest pads carry postural support and safety strap, creating stable standing position for child
  • The advanced prone stander can be angled from 0˚ to 40˚, with the height being continuously adjustable not incremental
  • This angle adjustable stander offers the right length to every child to support them while standing
  • Features innovative tilting footboard that assists in making sit-to-stand transfers easier
  • Available in 2 sizes
    • Size 1 equipped with 650mm wide and 900mm long footprint
    • Size 2 equipped with 700mm wide and 1230mm long footprint
  • Specifications of Prone Stander Size 1, PS03 are:
    • Age range: 3-7 years
    • User weight: 55kg
    • Chest width: 190-290mm
    • Hip width: 190-290mm
    • Hip pad height: 410-750mm
    • Chest height from footplate: 660-1000mm
    • Tilt-in-space: 40˚-90˚
  • Specifications of Prone Stander Size 2, PS04 are:
    • Age range: 6-14 years
    • User weight: 70kg
    • Chest width: 230-350mm
    • Hip width: 230-350mm
    • Hip pad height: 480-960mm
    • Chest height from footplate: 820-1270mm
    • Tilt-in-space: 40˚-90˚

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To improve the lifestyle of children and help them to recover from movement or balance disorders, and postural deformities, Jenx is innovating and developing the high-technology support systems. The products developed by Jenx are made for different age, height and needs of children. A wide range of products manufactured by Jenx includes Ziggy (positioning system), Side Lying Board, Nursery Table, Therapy Bench, Rolls, Mats and Wedges. Jenx Prone Stander is an upright prone standing system that is designed to make standing enjoyable and easy for the user. It is dedicated to assist prone standing.

Prone Stander, with it’s slick black frame, is dedicated to assisted prone standing with the child supported at the front, and offers a continuous range of angles so the optimum position for each child can be achieved. Available in 2 sizes.

The Prone Stander aims to make standing enjoyable and practical for your child, and simple for you to achieve. The individual support pads can be adjusted in relation to each other to ensure every child can be properly supported. Children with longer bodies and shorter legs can be just as comfortable as those with shorter bodies and longer legs, because the Prone Stander is adjustable to create the correct posture for every child.

The sturdy hip and chest straps are closed in the centre and then adjusted by pulling from either side. This feature, common to many Jenx products, encourages symmetry. Once the straps are secured, the integral safety strap is fastened to further ensure the correct postural support.  It is important always to use the safety strap and to fasten it as far as possible to maximise its usefulness.

Features & Benefits:

Angle and Height Adjustable

The Prone Stander can be angled from 0° to 40°, with the height being continuously adjustable not incremental, offering every child the right length to support them as they stand.

Tilting Footboard

Innovative tilting footboad design assists in making sit-to-stand transfers easier.

Adjustable Chest and Hip Pads

These highly adjustable PU moulded supports can be adjusted to offer different widths, heights and angles. They carry the postural support and safety strap, creating a stable standing position for a child.

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