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Jenx Multistander Size 1- Supine/Prone/Upright Standing System (9 Months”6 Years) Rehabilitation Support Stander with Head, Trunk, Hip & Knee Support

  • This is ideally designed for children within the age group of 9 months to 6 years
    • Supports a weight range featuring an upper limit of 35 kgs/77 lbs
  • Focuses on providing children maximum support in standing and gaining muscle strength
  • Supports the child in their postural development rehab therapy. Optional Multigrip-Body Support available as an optional accessory to provide extra support on either shoulders or lumbar area.
  • The stander head rest gives the upper part of spine optimum support & alignment
  • Offers an angle adjustment ranging from
    • prone configuration: 10–90-
    • supine configuration: 90–10-
  • Independently adjustable thoracic & pelvic boards to cater to individual rehabilitation therapy needs
  • Including improved knee adjustment and support to provide the best fit
  • Side supports keeps children in midline and ensures a symmetrical development
  • Aids with respiration, digestion and development of the musculoskeletal system
  • Preferable for children who have changing needs or require maximum support for postural preservation
  • Due to its higher safety and comfortable support pads it is suitable for very young children as well

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Established in the year 1982, Jenx is the top contender in the race of businesses dedicated to producing quality development equipment for children. Jenx holds expertise in manufacturing equipment for paediatric therapy for children with special postural support needs. Multistander- (or supine/prone/upright) Standing System is designed keeping the early spinal development of children in mind. Equipped with high angular adjustments, this Multistander provides optimum support throughout the development of the user. Its unique design provides support from the back to improve standing ability.  It is highly appreciated and recommended by occupational therapists and physiotherapists as one of the best support equipment for growing young ones. This rehab stander is best suited for children with moderate to low ability and provides maximum support and adjustments as required in their rehab therapy.

Multistander – Supine/prone/upright standing system

A fully adjustable and versatile 3 in 1 standing frame offering Upright, Prone and Supine positioning for infants and children up to 13 years. The Multistander by Jenx offers exceptional growth and the versatile range of accessories mean that the Multistander will easily meet the changing needs of a growing child for many years.

The Multistander offers Multigrip™ body support, fastenings to allow use of a Jenx Waistcoat Harness and all polyurethane support surfaces now impregnated with antimicrobial agent, an angle adjustable footplate that comes as standard. The Multistander also offers a range of child and family friendly colours complimented by a fresh white base frame along with entry level head support and improved knee support bracket.

Along with all this, the Size 2 has two different base options available (powered or manual).

Multistander size 1 now offers the option of abduction which allows 0-30 degrees of individual leg abduction in 5 degree increments. Available as either a standalone accessory to retrofit to existing Multistanders manufactured after 2015 or as a complete base unit ready to customise with accessories. The addition of the abduction accessory now ensures Multistander by Jenx offers children the opportunity to continue standing at peer height in either a neutral or abducted hip position. Click here to download Multistander Abduction Product Overview.


  • Age Range (approx) Size 1: 9 months-6 years
  • Age Range (approx) Size 2: 3 years – 13 years
  • Max user weight Size 1: 35kg
  • Max user weight Size 2: 60kg

Ease of Transfer

To aid a lone carer in using the Multistander all support pads have been cleverly designed to be easily moved, or removed to prevent them from being a barrier to safe and dignified transfers for the child. Once safely held by the product the support pads can be moved to provide the optimal corrective positioning. The Multistander is able to recline to virtually horizontal, enabling easy lifting or hoist transfers of the user on to the Multistander.

The Size 2 has the option of a robust manual base or a powered base to assist in bringing the user back up to the required supine (or prone) angle.

Trunk and Pelvic Positioning

The key to supporting any vulnerable posture is effective control of the trunk and pelvis. The Multistander uses a variety of different sized support pads to offer a firm and supportive lateral guide to promote mid-line or neutral body symmetry. For those children who already present with an asymmetrical posture these support pads can be off-set to accommodate the asymmetry and reduce the risk of further deterioration or to encourage a return to a more neutral position. In addition to the lateral guide each pair of support pads comes with an incorporated de-rotational strap. These straps offer the facility to rotate the pelvis and trunk into a neutral position and hold the child in a safe and comfortable position.

Head Positioning

To achieve a good postural seating position, the head and neck need to be in a central positioning.
Head support should aim to keep the neck straight and the chin lifted slightly to enable interaction with the surrounding environment and peers.
A good supporting head position can facilitate:

 All types of interaction
 Greater awareness of what’s happening around them
 Concentration skills (speech, listening, focus on activities)
 Functional motor skills
 Respiration and digestion
 Better visibility of (and therefore interest in) immediate environment
 Maintenance of correct posture therefore preventing postural deformities
 Improved swallow reflex

When used in Supine the Multistander utilises a variety of different head support options, for minimal to moderate head control there is the PU moulded head support which provides a contoured head pad to promote a mid-line head position. For those who require a much greater support, the Jenx Multigrip™ headrest offers a unique and pioneering design and is available in 3 different sizes to suit all ages and head sizes. Within the padded and washable cover are “fingers” that can be moved, moulded and firmly locked into place to create an infinite variety of support shapes that can control ATNR, help with feeding and respiration and give the child an improved opportunity to engage with their surrounds. Every head support for the Multistander comes mounted on a highly flexible bracket to allow for infinite and accurate head positioning.

Optional Abduction Accessory

Multistander size 1 now offers the option of abduction which allows 0-30 degrees of individual leg abduction in 5 degree increments. Available as either a standalone accessory to retrofit to existing Multistanders manufactured after 2015 or as a complete base unit ready to customise with accessories. The addition of the abduction accessory now ensures Multistander by Jenx offers children the opportunity to continue standing at peer height in either a neutral or abducted hip position.

Exceptional Growth

The Multistander’s two size options now provide a product that can take a child from approximately 9 months up to 6 years for the Size 1 and 3 years to 13 years for the Size 2.

This versatility in growth means the Multistander offers a product that can grow larger, wider, narrower and accommodate a heavier child than most other complete standing products on the market. The new size 2 can be used by a child at the start of their school life and grows with them until they are 13 years old – providing a great 10 years of growth.

Infinite Angle Adjustment

Each child will have a slightly different posture in standing and need slightly different, tailored support. The angle of the support surface can be adjusted from 10 degrees off horizontal through to upright at 90 degrees. This adjustment is infinite within that range to ensure the exact angle necessary for a child can be achieved. This enables progress to be monitored and the angle of the board altered in line with their ability.


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Multistander – Supine/prone/upright standing system

The Multistander is now available in two sizes, making it a highly versatile first standing frame suiting children from 9 months to 13 years.  It has an unrivalled amount of adjustment for height and width with a maximum user weight of 30kg for the Multistander Size 1 and 60kg for the Multistander Size 2. Smooth and easy angle adjustment take the Multistander from horizontal right through to upright, facilitating easy transfers adn the ability for precision standing angles.  The wide variety of head, trunk, leg and support accessories enable the product to be specified and tailored exactly for each individual, whilst the open design enables carers to quickly see how the child is positioned and adjust as necessary.


New White Frame

  • Tested strongly with younger parents, more aesthetically appealing
  • Makes it easy to spot spills of body fluid or feed and to clean before they become hazardous
  • Makes it easier to recognise frame fatigue and damage

Antimicrobial Agent on all PU Surfaces

  • Provides improved infection control
  • Makes the product easier to re-issue
  • provides peace of mind to carers/parents, helps keep the product clean and hygienic, ideal for busy families who don’t have time to launder soiled covers
  • Unique in the market place

New Multistander Size 2 Base Options

  • The Multistander now has the versatility to be wider, larger, narrower and to accommodate a heavier child than many other products in the marketplace
  • The new Size 2 offers either a manual or a powered base.  The powered base removes any manual handling concerns and uses a hand-held controller to change the angle.  The manual base has a robust winder mechanism which provides a cost effective alternative

De-rotational Thoracic and Pelvic Straps with Lateral Support Pads

  • Straps fasten in the centre and adjust independently from either side enabling a midline position to be achieved
  • Buckles and velcro ensure straps are safe and secure
  • Support pads available in small, medium, slim and high rise

Innovative Prone/Supine Adjustable Tray

  • Revolutionary tray with its own dedicated adjustment slot, meaning the tray is adjustable for height, angle and depth
  • Unique inbuilt infills prevent awkward gaps so arms won’t get stuck when in supine
  • Supplied with mounting slots for elbow blocks
  • Raised, contrasting tray edge provides a visual barrier for children and a useful anchor point for attaching toys or sensory aids

Angle Adjustable Chest Pad

  • Shaped to encourage arms into mid-line, plus the angle can be adjusted to improve extension

Multigrip Body Support

  • A new accessory for the new Multistander Size 2, which can be used as a shoulder protractor in supine or to provide additional lumbar support between the trunk and pelvic boards

Independently Adjustable Thoracic and Pelvic Boards

  • Allowing the individual proportions of each child to be catered for, whilst also giving scope to avoid pressure on delicate areas such as feeding buttons

Simple to Use

  • Open design and simplicity mean safe and dignified transfers can be easily completed

Compact Footprint

  • Non-intrusive in even the smallest of family homes

Technical Specifcations

 Multistander  Measurement  Units  Size 1 Prone MUS01  Size 1 Supine MUS01  Size 2 Prone MUS02  Size 2 Supine MUS02
 Age Range  approx.  mths-yrs  9mths – 6yrs  9mths – 6yrs  3yrs – 13yrs  3yrs – 13yrs
 User Height  max  mm  1160  1160  1550  1550
 User Weight  max  kg  35  35  60 60
 Chest Width  min – max  mm  105 – 240  105 – 240  160 – 350  160 – 350
 Hip Width  min – max  mm  130 – 280  130 – 280 160 – 350 160 – 350
 Kneeblock Width (centre to centre)  min – max  mm  120 – 190  120 – 190  190 – 280  190 – 280
 Height (sandal plate to top of upper support board)  min – max  mm  490 – 850  490 – 850  750 – 1200

  750 – 1200

 Height (sandal plate to top of head support)  min – max  mm  –  620 – 1160

910 – 1350 (No shoulder support)

910 -1500 (No shoulder support)

 Height (floor to top of upper support pad)  min – max  mm  670 – 940  670 – 940  830 – 1280  830 – 1280
Footplate Angle  dorsi – plantar  degrees  15˚ – 15˚  15˚ – 15˚  15˚ – 15˚   15˚ – 15˚
Tilt-In-Space Angle  horizontal – upright  degrees  10˚ – 90˚  90˚ – 10˚   0 ˚-80˚ (Powered base) 10˚-80˚ (Manual base)

 0 ˚-80˚ (Powered base)
(Manual base)

Base Footprint  width x length  mm  610 x 770  610 x 770  675 x 1080  675 x 1080

Jenx Multistander Product Brochure. Download PDF
Jenx Multistander Abduction Product Overview. Download PDF
Jenx Standing Poster. Download PDF
Box Dimensions for Shipping. Download PDF
Multistander by Jenx Technical Specification. Download PDF
Jenx Safety, Care & Warranty Information Instructions for Use – part 1 of 2. Download PDF
Multistander 1 Instructions for Use – part 2 of 2. Download PDF

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