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Jenx Advanced Side Lying Board for Children (9 months-18 Years)

  • Advanced Side Lying board is available in 2 sizes
    • Size 2: for a child between 9 months -4 years of age
    • Size 3: for a child between 3-9 years of age
    • Size 4: for a child between 8-18 years of age
  • Equipped with adjustable back support that can be angled to prevent forward roll down of child
  • Upholstered with quality fabric, the lying surface wide to accommodate all size and shapes of child
  • The lying surface can be angled upward to reduce the chances of forwarding rolling of child
  • To get extra support, safety straps of the Jenx advanced side lying board can be used
  • Wide straps are ideally used for chest and hips though you can use it as per your requirement
  • The side lying board provides maximum support and minimizes fatigue

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To improve the lifestyle and help the children to recover from their movement or balance disorders, Jenx is innovating and developing the high-technology support systems. The products manufactured by Jenx are made for different age, height and needs of children. Advanced Side Lying Board is one of the support platforms from a wide range of equipment. The side lying board provides support and comfort to the child during activities and even while resting. With the engineered design, the lying platform can be adjusted for two heights that make it useful for children from 9 months to 18 years of age.

Advanced Side Lying Board

The Jenx advanced side lying board is extremely comfortable for users.  Both the lying and the back support surfaces can be adjusted to prevent the user rolling forward.  The optional support pack provides further head and leg support if needed.

The larger sizes of the side lying board come complete with a mobile plinth to raise the lying surface to waist height.  This provides greater ease of hoisting, less manual handling for carers and also that users can interact with peers more easily.

Jenx advanced side lying boards offer great support for users who have poor postural control, low muscle tone or have a tendency to curve to the side.  In side lying the back is fully supported preventing the spine from curving.  The generous and comfortable upholstery means that users can be safely and comfortably supported during rest as well as activities.  Sturdy, adjustable straps come as standard.

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Jenx Advanced Side Laying Board Technical Specifications:

Side Lying Boards

Units SL2P Size 2 SL3P Size 3 SL4P Size 4
Age Range (Approx) Months/Years 9mths- 4yrs 3yrs – 9yrs 8yrs- 18yrs
Base Size mm/inch 950 x 410 / 37 ½ x 16 1250 x 480 / 49 ¼ x 19 1860 x 680 / 73 ¼ x 26¾
Max User Weight Kg/lbs 80 / 176 ¼ 80 / 176 ¼ 80 / 176 ¼
Bench Length mm/inch 1335 / 52 ½ 1640 / 64 ½ 1935 / 76
Bench Width mm/inch 555 / 22 650 / 28 ½ 740 / 29
Bench Angle (Supine/Prone) Degrees 15°/0° 15°/0° 15°/0°
Back Angle (Supine/Prone) Degrees 25°/90° 25°/90° 25°/90°
Back Height from Bench mm/inch 330 / 13 350 / 13 ¾ 400 / 15 ¾
Floor to Bench Height mm/inch 590 / 23 ¼ 625 / 24 ½ 760 / 30

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Jenx Advanced Side Lying Board Technical Specification Download PDF
Jenx Safety, Care & Warranty Information Instructions for Use – part 1 of 2 Download PDF
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