I-Tech Medical WPB 202 – Paraffin Bath with Hand Cover, Foot Cover, Safety Plate, 4 Temperature Levels

  • WPB 202 is specifically designed for the treatment of post-traumatic edema, arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • The professional paraffin bath is suitable for hands, feet as well as for the complete body as a part of recuperative, rehabilitation programs
  • The thermal and mechanical action of WPB 202 makes it easy for movement restoration and pain treatment of limbs
  • Used to treat immobilization in plasters and post-traumatic stiffness
  • Moisturizes the skin while opening the pores and absorption of active, regenerative ingredients
  • Use of paraffin in this advanced medical equipment not only treats joints, but it also helps in smoothening the skin
  • Paraffin used at higher than 50˚C temperature transfers heat to underlying tissues of the skin to promote an exogenous thermal therapeutic action
  • When applied on the skin, paraffin converts from liquid-to-solid state that reduces the volume and exerts a positive effect by pressing the tissues
  • Mechanical benefit of the paraffin bath includes an anti-swelling effect
  • Provision of four temperature levels help to make the treatment more comfortable for patients with different tolerance levels
  • Temperature can be easily set by using the attached temperature selection knob
  • LED indicator continuously shows the status of treatment
  • The kit of paraffin bath WPB-202 includes:
    • Paraffin wax packages: 4 x 453 gm
    • One hand cover
    • One foot cover
    • Single-use vinyl pack
    • Safety plate
  • Technical features of I Tech WPB-202 are:
    • Power supply: 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 180W
    • Medical device CE0476
    • Dimensions: 410x245x250 mm

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Patient-centric medical devices conceptualized and developed by I-Tech medical help to improve the quality of life for patients undergoing pain therapy treatment or undergoing rehabilitation programs. The innovative design of products backed by extensive research helps to deliver accurate data about treatment parameters and ensures noticeably less healing time. A large range of products by the Italian manufacturer meets the requirements of different patient-care settings and includes devices for ultrasound, PEMF and compressive limb therapy. WPB 202, by I-Tech, is a device used for paraffin baths. The versatile design of this device allows treatment for hands, feet and other parts of the body that need pain management. It is primarily developed to treat symptoms associated with medical conditions like arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and edema.


Paraffin is very efficient in preparing the manoeuvres for restoring and treating limbs following immobilization in plaster and posttraumatic stiffness.

The use of paraffin for beauty treatments is more recent. Paraffin has proven to have not only a relief effect on painful joints but also a smoothing effect on the skin.
Actually, paraffin moistures skin while opening the pores and facilitating the absorption of active or regenerative ingredients contained by various lotions or masks.

Biological and therapeutic effects:

  • Thermal effect: paraffin used at temperatures higher than 50 °C transfers heat to underlying tissues, promoting an exogenous thermal therapeutic action.
  • Mechanical effect: paraffin applied on skin converts from liquid to solid state. During this transformation, its volume reduces exerting a positive effect by pressing the tissues, particularly an anti-swelling effect.


  • 453 gr x 4 paraffin wax packages
  • 1 hand cover
  • 1 foot cover
  • Single-use Vinyl Pack
  • Safety plate

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  • Power supply 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption 180 W
  • 4 temperature levels
  • Knob for temperature selection
  • Led indicator
  • Dimensions 410 x 245 x 250 mm
  • Medical device CE0476


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