I-Tech Medical UT1 – Ultrasound Therapy Device with Ultrasound Head, LED Indicator, LCD Display

  • I Tech UT meets requirements of health professionals for easy operability and therapeutic protocol management
  • Professional therapy equipment can be used for Ultrasound therapy (1MHz – 3 MHz)
  • It is used to treat musculoskeletal problems such as tendinitis, inflammations, capsulitis, epicondylitis, and cervicalgias
  • Ultrasound waves transmitted through the device penetrates the tissues and provokes different biological effects including:
    • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory
    • De-contracting (muscle relaxation)
    • Fibrionolytic and trophic
  • I-Tech UT1 includes 10 pre-adjusted programs
  • Professionals can be easily modify and memorize the following parameters:
    • Frequency (1 MHz or 3MHz)
    • Effective Intensity: up to 3 W/cm2
    • Duty Cycle: 10% – 100% stepping 10
    • Therapy Time: up to 30 minutes
  • UT1 Ultrasound Therapy device allows water immersion treatment that allows treatment of irregular areas and pain zones where direct contact is not easy
  • LED Indicator of I-Tech Therapy Device constantly detects the right contact between ultrasound head and skin
  • It comes with an ultrasound head of 5 cm2, medical power supply, gel for ultrasound therapy, and user manual
  • Ultrasound Therapy Device includes an online guide, via LCD display, for fast instructions
  • Developed by I-Tech Medical Division, UE Device works at 100V-240V, 47Hz-63Hz and 1.35A current with an output of 15V and maximum 3A current
  • The medical equipment measures 300x186x86 mm
  • Other parameters for Ultrasound Therapy operation are:
    • Ultrasound Frequency: 1 MHz ± 10%, 3 MHz ± 10%
    • Output Power:
      • 0.5W – 10W ± 20% when duty cycle ≥ 80% for 5 cm2 ultrasound head
      • 0.5W – 15W ± 20% when duty cycle ≤ 70% for 5 cm2 ultrasound head
    • Effective Intensity:
      • 3 W/cm2 ± 20% (1 MHz)
      • 3 W/cm2 ± 20% (3 MHz)
    • Working Frequency: 100Hz
    • Effective Radiating Area 5 cm2 ± 20%
    • Collimated Beam Type
    • Ultrasound Head is made of aluminum
    • Direct Contact and Water Immersion Use
    • LED Indicator for ultrasound head detector

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I-Tech Medical Division has been designing and developing a wide range of medical equipment for home use as well as for rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics. With its operations spread across more than 50 nations, I-Tech develops a wide range of devices including IR lamps, Physiotherapy Equipment, Paraffin Bath and PEMF Therapy equipment. Delivering maximum accuracy and ease-of-operation, these carefully designed products are used in diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions—especially at pain clinics and rehabilitation & physiotherapy centers. I-Tech UT1 is a smart device trusted for ultrasound therapy. It is used to treat various musculoskeletal problems including tendinitis and capsulitis.


Ultrasounds are mechanical sound waves with frequencies higher than  frequencies audible by the human ear. Ultrasound propagate through compression-decompression  waves. They cross tissues and cause particles vibration.

Ultrasounds ability to penetrate in depth in tissues is in inverse proportion to the ultrasound beam frequency (1 MHz and 3 MHz).

Ultrasound wave crossing through anatomic structures provokes different biological effects (mechanical, thermal and cavitation):

  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory;
  • Decontracting (muscle relaxation);
  • Fibrionolytic and trophic (hematomas reabsorption, soft calcifications reductions, healing tissues stimulation)

I-TECH UT1 is provided with 10 preadjusted programs and professional user can modify, and memorize, the following parameters:

  • Frequency (1 MHz or 3 MHz)
  • Effective intensity (up to 3 W/cm2)
  • Duty cycle (10%÷100% stepping 10)
  • Therapy time (up to 30 minutes)

Water immersion treatments are allowed with I-TECH UT1. In this way it is possible to treat irregular areas or pain zones where direct contact is difficult. The right contact between ultrasound head and skin is constantly guaranteed by LED indicator during treatment.

I-TECH UT1 is a medical device CE0476 certificated. It is recommended the use only by seasoned professional in the hospital/ambulatory environment.


  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Capsulitis
  • Hematomas
  • Tissues reconstructions
  • Muscle contractures
  • Cramps
  • Neuralgias
  • Periarthritis
  • Cervicalgias
  • Sciatalgy
  • Lumbalgy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Epicondilitis/epitrocleitis
  • Contusions
  • Sprains
  • Condropathy
  • Massage
  • Arms/abdomen/legs/gluteus cavitation
  • Acne


  • Trolley with 3 shelves and 1 power socket
  • Adjustable and jointed arm
  • Support for ultrasound head

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  • Power supply input 100V-240V, 47Hz-63Hz, 1.35A, output 15V 3A Max.
  • Ultrasound frequency 1 MHz ± 10%, 3 MHz ±10%
  • Output power 0.5 W – 10 W ± 20% when duty cycle ? 80% for 5 cm2 ultrasound head
  • 0.5 W – 15 W ± 20% when duty cycle ? 70% for 5 cm2 ultrasound head
  • Effective intensity 3 W/cm2 ± 20% (1 MHz)
  • 3 W/cm2 ± 20% (3 MHz)
  • Working frequency 100 Hz
  • Duty cycle 10%-100% stepping 10%
  • Maximum adjustable therapy time 30 minutes
  • Effective radiating area 5 cm2 ± 20%
  • Collimated beam type
  • Ultrasound head (material) aluminium
  • Direct contact and water immersion use
  • Led indicator
  • On-line guide on display for fast instructions
  • Medical device CE0476
  • Dimensions 300 mm x 186 mm x 86 mm


Data sheet Download
User’s Guide Download
CE Declaration of Conformity Download

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