I-Tech Medical T-One Medi Sport Electrotherapy Device with 4 Channels, Graphic Color Display, Iontophoresis Kit

  • T-One Medi Sport caters to the treatment of injuries and trauma management associated with professional sportspersons
  • Connection ease of up to 8 electrodes
  • Smart medical device features 10 rehab programs, 16 TENS programs, 20 NEMS programs, 18 beauty programs, 22 – 2+2 users programs, and 12 TENS/NEMS free memories
  • Medi Sport generates constant current even when the condition of skin changes
  • Automatically stops on the accidental disconnection of electrodes
  • Operates on Ni-Mh rechargeable battery, ensuring portability
  • Backlight graphic color display provides data about different treatment parameters
  • Includes an online guide on display for fast and easy instructions
  • Treatment time can be selected from 1 to 90 minutes
  • Programmable electrotherapy equipment kit includes:
    • Electrotherapy unit with graphic colour display
    • 4-channel device with graphic color display
    • Four connection cables (8 connectable electrodes)
    • Self-adhesive square electrodes
    • Self-adhesive rectangular electrodes
    • Self-adhesive round electrodes
    • Iontophoresis kit
    • Ni-Mh rechargeable battery: 4.8V
    • Battery charger
    • Transport bag
    • User manual and electrodes position manual
  • Technical features of I-Tech T-One Medi Sport are:
    • Compensated biphasic square wave to avoid polarization effect
    • Monophasic wave generator (only for iontophoresis programs)
    • User feedback: device detects patient connection
    • Frequency: 1 – 1200 Hz
    • Width impulse: 20 – 450 µs
    • Maximum intensity: 120 mA with 0.5mA step regulation
    • Medical device CE0476
    • Dimensions: 150x90x35 mm
  • Accessories available on request:
    • Bipolar handpiece for electro-stimulation
    • Pen-electrode (monopolar electrode) for electrostimulation
    • Thigh straps for electro-stimulation
    • Calf straps for electro-stimulation

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I-Tech Medical has been designing state-of-the-art equipment for various types of pain management programs apart from devices that help in muscular injury recovery, orthopedic treatment, and rehabilitation programs. The Italian company has a global presence with more than 15 years of experience. Designed and developed for improving the care outcomes and decreasing patient inconvenience, I-Tech devices ensure reduced recuperation time and easier handling. The wide range of medical equipment developed by I-Tech includes IR lamps, paraffin baths, devices for physiotherapy, ultrasound machines, and many more. Compatible for home as well as professional healthcare facilities, these devices are the result of innovative thinking and high-end technology. T-One Medi Sport is one such offering from the company, complete with a 4-channel electrotherapy device, attuned more towards treating sports injuries and for rehabilitation needs.

T-One Medi Sport is a 4-channel electrotherapy device for regular and professional athletes who want to improve their performance and carry out rehabilitation sessions at home.

If sport is your trade or you live it as such, T-ONE Medi Sport is the ideal device that will help you take your performance to the next level. It assists you before and after your workout and its professional electrotherapy programmes can be used for the treatment of injuries or traumas. Free memories can be configured with all necessary therapy parameters and you can use it on two patients at the same time, even with different programmes.

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Technical Specifications

  • Four independent channels unit (up to 8 connectable electrodes)
  • Constant current generator (can guarantee a constant current even when skin condition changes, the device automatically stops in the event of accidental electrodes disconnection)
  • Compensated biphasic square wave: current quantity from positive pole to negative one is constant to avoid polarization effect
  • Monophasic wave generator (only for iontophoresis programs);
  • 2+2 users programs
  • Backlight graphic colour display
  • User feedback: the device recognizes patient connection
  • Soft-touch easy to use keyboard
  • On – line guide on display for fast instructions;
  • 4,8 V rechargeable battery pack;
  • Personalized programs for man and woman;
  • Frequency 1 ÷ 1200 Hz
  • Width impulse 20 ÷ 450 µs
  • Time 1÷90 minutes
  • Maximum intensity 120 mA, with 0,5 mA step regulation
  • Medical device CE0476.

T-ONE Medi Sport comes with the following programs:

  • 10 REHA programs
  • 16 TENS programs
  • 20 NEMS programs
  • 18 BEAUTY programs
  • 22 2+2 USERS programs
  • 12 TENS/NEMS free memories

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