I-Tech Medical Physio EMG – Electrotherapy & Electromyography Device with 4 Channels, 2 EMG Outputs, Graphic Display

  • I-Tech Physio EMG Device is primarily designed for muscle rehabilitation and diagnostic needs
  • With 4 channels and 2 EMG outputs, this smart device can be used to treat two patients simultaneously using different programs
  • Features 17 EMS programs, 27 Wave programs, 25 Rehab programs and 18 Memories
  • Physio Device equips a graphic display that provides clear and quick instructions
  • The device can be operated by rechargeable battery or dedicated power supply
  • Features pre-adjusted programs for denervated muscle treatment
  • The internal rechargeable battery eliminates the flaws of electrical fluctuations and boosts portability
  • The soft-touch keyboard of this programmable device ensures easy usability
  • This I-Tech Physio Kit includes a 4-channel device with graphic display, electrodes connection cable, filter amplifier
  • Along with the carriage bag, it includes:
    • EMG adhesive electrodes
    • Auto-adhesive pre-gelled electrodes
    • Kit Iontophoresis
    • Pencil like electrode for electro-point stimulation
    • Internal rechargeable battery and dedicated power supply
    • User Manual
    • Electrodes position manual
  • Technical Features of I-Tech Physio EMG are:
    • Electrotherapy with 4 channels for the connection of 8 electrodes
    • Constant current generator
    • Compensated biphasic square wave; avoids the hazardous thermal effect of polarization
    • Monophasic wave generator
    • Di-dynamic, Interferential, High Voltage, Kotz, Neofaradic, Osteogenesis wave
    • The maximum intensity of 240mApp, with 0.5 mA step regulation
    • Controlled stimulation program
    • EMG protocols for muscle myographic analysis
    • EMG working modes: Under-threshold or Target
    • Medical device CE0476
    • Dimensions: 180x110x50 mm

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With its distribution spread across more than 50 countries, I-Tech Medical Division continues to innovate a range of professionally-use medical devices. The devices designed and manufactured by I-Tech are used at homes as well as physiotherapy clinics—catering to a wide range of patient groups and rehabilitation specialists. This range of medical equipment includes Paraffin Bath, PEMF Therapy Device, IR Lamps and Electromyography Device. I-Tech devices are engineered for flawless performance and maximum accuracy. Developed by I-Tech, Physio EMG is an electrotherapy device with 4 channels and 2 independent EMG outputs. It is primarily used for muscle rehabilitation, pain therapy and aesthetic treatments.


  • Electrotherapy with four independent channels for the connection of 8 electrodes
  • Treatment selection for single patient or for two patients using different programs
  • Constant current generator (it can guarantee a constant current even when skin condition changes, the device automatically
    stops in the event of accidental electrodes disconnection)
  • Compensated biphasic square wave: current quantity from positive pole to negative one is constant to avoid hazardous thermal effect of polarization
  • Monophasic wave generator
  • Diadynamic, Interferential, High voltage, Kotz, Neofaradic, Osteogenesis wave;
  • Maximum intensity 240 mApp, with 0,5 mA step regulation;
  • Controlled stimulation program
  • Pre-adjusted programs or free memories for denervated muscle treatment
  • EMG protocols for muscle myographic analysis
  • EMG working modes: Underthreshold or Target
  • User feedback: I-TECH PHYSIO EMG recognizes patient connection;
  • Graphic display for fast instructions
  • Soft-touch easy to use keyboard;
  • Operation with power supply or with internal rechargeable battery
  • Fully programmable device
  • Medical device CE0476
  • Dimensions 180x110x50 mm

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  • Device with graphic display and four independent channels
  • Electrodes connection cables
  • Filter amplificator
  • Auto-adhesive pregelled electrodes
  • EMG adhesive electrodes
  • Kit ionophoresis
  • Pencil like electrode for electro-point stimulation
  • Internal rechargeable battery and dedicated power supply
  • User manual and electrodes position manual
  • Carriage bag


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