I-Tech Medical MIO – Care TENS Electrotherapy Device with Backlight Display, 20 Programs, Rechargeable Battery

  • I-Tech MIO-Care TENS is exclusively designed for pain therapy and muscle rehabilitation
  • The smart healthcare device is developed for personal use applications too
  • Features 20 medical programs for a variety of muscle treatments
  • The graphic display of electrotherapy equipment provides information about different parameters including remaining therapy time and program instructions
  • Internal Ni-Mh battery operation of Mio-Care ensures easy portability & fluctuation-free performance
  • LL technology of rechargeable battery ensures a longer lifespan
  • This electrotherapy device features 2 independent channels for the treatment of a single patient
  • Includes a backlight display and battery charger for more convenience
  • This I-Tech Medical Kit includes 2 connection cable with splitters (8 electrodes connection)
  • Along with the carriage bag, the personal use of electrotherapy equipment includes:
    • Pre-Gelled adhesive electrodes
    • Belt Clip
    • User Manual
    • Electrodes Position Manual
  • Technical Features of I-Tech Mio-Care are:
    • Compensated biphasic square wave; avoids the hazardous thermal effect of polarization
    • Maximum Intensity of 200mApp
    • CE0476 medical device
    • Dimensions: 114x68x26 mm
  • Twenty Medical Programs includes:
    • Tens Conventional (Rapid), Tens Endorphin (delayed), Tens Maximum Values
    • Inflammatory, Neck pain/Cervicogenic Headache, Backache/Sciatic Pain
    • Sprains/Bruises, Vascularization, Muscle Relaxant, Hematomas
    • Atrophy Prevention, Atrophy (tropism rehabilitation), Hand and Wrist Pain
    • Plantar Stimulation, Epicondylitis, Epitrochlea, Periarthritis, Micro-current
    • Stress incontinence, Urgency incontinence (probe not included in both)

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I-Tech Medical has been designing & developing medical equipment for more than a decade. With its operations spanning across more than 50 countries, the company’s medical equipment finds relevance across home-care settings and professionally-managed clinics. With deep research and the pursuit of latest technology to bring about relief in pain rehabilitation, products developed by I-Tech include devices for pressotherapy, ultrasound, electromyography, and IR lamp, paraffin bath and many more. The company’s equipment ensures maximum accuracy, easy operation and significantly reduced healing time. MIO-Care TENS, an electrotherapy device, is used for muscle rehabilitation, pain therapy and in different types of aesthetic treatment.



A lot of cheap TENS devices on market show a large quantity of stored programs. First of all, we need to point out that the number of stored programs cannot be confused with number of names or treatments.

Many manufactures changes names and programs in the way to confused the customer: an unique TENS CONVENTIONAL program can be applied at 50 different body areas, but it’s always the same program with the same target. So, one program with 50 applications!

The programs are different each other when they differ for one or more of the following characteristics: impulse width, working frequency, stimulation time. For example, conventional TENS works between 70 and 150 Hz, with an impulse width of 50/70 µsec. and with a therapy treatment time of at least 40 minutes.

TENS endorphinic works between 1 and 4 Hz, with an impulse width of 250/300 µsec. and with a therapy treatment time of at least 20 minutes. The two therapy have different purposes: the first application gives an immediate but short lasting decrease of pain, the second one the decrease is longer but more lasting.

This is only an example to shown the difference between electrostimulators: for good effects the most important thing is to use well design and projected devices, with the correct waveforms for the specific treatments of different pathologies.



  • TENS electrotherapy with graphic display
  • 2 connection cables with splitters (8 electrodes connection)
  • Pre-gelled adhesive electrodes
  •  Internal Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack with new LL technology (long lasting)
  • Battery charger
  • Belt clip
  • User manual and electrodes positions manual
  • Carriage bag

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  • Combined electrotherapy unit with 2 independent channels;
  • Compensated biphasic square wave:  current quantity from positive pole to negative one is constant  to avoid hazardous thermal effect of polarization;
  • Digital easy to use keyboard;
  • Remaining therapy time and programs instructions shown on graphic display;
  • Internal rechargeable battery pack (removable);
  • Backlight display;
  • Maximum intensity 200 mApp;
  • CE0476 medical device.


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