I-Tech Medical MAG 2000 Plus – PEMF Therapy Device with Multiple Programs, Therapeutic Belts, Power Adaptor

  • MAG 2000 Plus is a magneto-therapy device carefully designed to treat many pathological problems
  • Recommended for management of symptoms associated with arthritis, fractures, and epicondylitis
  • Developed by Lacer R&D department, this PEMF device provides 20 preset programs
  • The equipment offers 14 programs, each of which has a precisely-tuned working frequency
  • Auto-scan program features continuous frequency variation used for the treatment of both hard & soft body tissues simultaneously
  • 2-channel medical device can be used to treat different body parts using an elastic therapeutic belt and three solenoids
  • With big solenoids, the intensity of the magnetic field can be set up to 400 Gauss on two channels – that means 200 Gauss for single-channel
  • MAG 2000 Plus is an advanced PEMF device with the universally acknowledged CE0476 Mark
  • The kit of the magneto-therapy device includes:
    • Elastic therapeutic belts with solenoids
    • Power adaptor
    • One PVC envelope
    • Carriage bag
    • User manual
  • Twenty pre-set programs of MAG 2000 Plus are:
    • Osteoporosis, arthrosis, arthritis
    • Cervical arthrosis, articular pain, cervicalgia
    • Sprains, fractures, epicondylitis
    • Epitrochlearis, intercostal contusions, lumbago
    • Lumbar pain, shoulder arthrosis, knee arthrosis
    • Periarthritis, coxarthrosis, muscular atrophy
    • Muscular contracture, osteonecrosis

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With an emphasis on innovative designs and advanced technology that can improve the quality-of-care, I-Tech Medical continues to develop medical equipment. A trusted name in the medical devices industry, I-Tech manufactures products that ensure reduced healing time and easy operation. Delivering maximum accuracy, the expanding range of products includes IR lamps, paraffin bath, PEMF devices, ultrasound devices, and many more. These advanced devices can be used for personal applications and at clinics, hospitals and physiotherapy clinics, addressing all types of care settings. The MAG 2000 Plus by I-Tech Medical, is one such device. The PEMF therapy device is used for the treatment of multiple pathologies such as cervical arthrosis, sprains, lumbar pain, and muscular atrophy. It is recommended for rehabilitation programs and different types of pain reduction treatment.


MAG2000 PLUS has 20 pre-setted programs for the treatment of several pathologies, 14 programs identified by the working frequency (from 1 to 100 Hertz) and an Autoscan program with continuous frequency variation for the treatment of both hard and soft tissues at the same time.

MAG2000 PLUS has also the possibility to stored 10 user memories, choosing the frequency up to 120 Hz, intensity and therapy time: a great possibility for the professional user who need to use a specific treatment for each patient.

With a couple of big solenoids MAG2000 PLUS can reach 400 Gauss output on 2 channels (200 Gauss for single channel) for the user programs.

MAG2000 PLUS can also be used with the standard 3 solenoids belt.

MAG2000 PLUS is a Medical Device with CE0476 mark.


  • MAG2000 Plus
  • Solenoids couple and 3 solenoids belt
  • Medical power adaptor
  • User Manual
  • 1 PVC envelope
  • Bag

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