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I-Tech Medical BIO – EMG Electromyography with Graphic Display, Bluetooth Module, Visual – Audio Feedback

  • I-Tech BIO-EMG is exclusively designed for healthcare professionals
  • BIO-EMG is a biofeedback instrument for analysis of surface electromyographic signals
  • This digital medical equipment is used for muscle rehabilitation programs
  • BIO-EMG detects signals generated by the body and provides feedback from 2 channels
  • The smart medical device can be operated by the Native Mobile application
  • Developed by I-Tech, Electromyographic Device can be used for Neuro-Muscular Reeducation, Functional Rehabilitation and Measurement results analysis
  • By using the native mobile app, neuromuscular re-education can be done by adults and children
  • An integrated Bluetooth module enables it to be controlled through an app
  • It includes a graphic display that provides fast instructions
  • Smart BIO EMG is a battery-powered device that eliminates flaws like electrical fluctuations
  • It permits non-invasive recording of Surface Electromyographic (sEMG) signals detected in single differential mode with bipolar electrodes
  • The Electromyography Device provides visual as well as audio feedback
  • It allows recording EMG amplitude values during a maximal contraction from two muscles
  • BIO EMG kit includes: Bio-EMG Device, Patient Cable, USB cable – charger, EMG adhesive electrodes, auto-adhesive pre-gelled electrodes, carriage bag, and a user manual
  • Dimensions of BIO-EMG Device are: 150x90x25 mm

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I-Tech Medical Division specializes in designing and developing medical equipment for home use as well as professional applications. The organization is distributing the equipment to almost 50 countries. I-Tech manufactures a wide range of medical devices including IR lamps, Paraffin Bath, Ultrasound Therapy and PEMF Therapy equipment. With maximum accuracy and smart design, these products are used in diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions. I-Tech BIO-EMG is an electromyography device that detects signals from the human body and provides accurate feedback and has been adopted across private clinics, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.


BIOEMG is especially recommended for:

Neurological Training. It provides a quantitative and qualitative indication to the patient and to the therapist on the monitored muscles. This provides a quantitative support that helps the patient to activate individual muscles when his control ability is limited.

Functional rehabilitation. It helps the patient and the therapist to quantitatively detect the level of muscle activation. The aim is restoring consciousness in the activation of a certain muscle or of an action to be performed, giving control to the patient over the gesture execution.

Quantitative Measurement. It accurately detects the degree of muscle activation, for example before and after an osteopathic maneuver to measure the strength level of agonist or antagonist muscles at the treated area. Or it is used in case of muscle hyperactivation, to offer the patient the possibility of controlling hyperactivation.

The device detects signals generated by human body muscles by providing feedback from the two channels.

It’s particularly indicated for neurological training and functional re-education.

BIOEMG it’s not a medical device for diagnostic use. Detected data are to be considered and used for training purposes and not for the qualitative evaluation of musculature.

BIOEMG device allows a non-invasive analysis of EMG signlas in “single differential” mode using bipolar electrodes placed on the skin. The biofeedback is both visual (display) and acoustic (internal buzzer). With BIOEMG the user can record the amplitude values of the pulses emitted by two muscles during the maximum voluntary contraction and then set different training thresholds for each muscle.

BIOEMG can also be wirelessly connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth. In this way you can easily view the data collected on large screens and make functional recovery by playing or through targeted exercises.


  • BIO-EMG device
  • Patient Cable
  • USB cable – charger
  • EMG adhesive electrodes
  • Auto-adhesive pregelled electrodes
  • User manual
  • Carrying bag

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  • EMG battery powered device
  • Visual and audio biofeedback
  • EMG protocols for muscle myographic analysis
  • 2 EMG working modes: under threshold or target
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • Native Apps mobile
  • Multifunction keys to select and to modify the parameters
  • Graphic display for fast instructions
  • Dimensions 150 x 90 x 25 mm

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