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Globus Corporation Kineo Leg Press – Rehabilitation Machine with Wi-Fi Connection, 15.6 Inches Touch Screen, Italian Leather, Adjustable Seat Depth, Remote Control

  • The Kineo Leg Press is used in rehabilitation of lower body and building strength of legs
  • It enables an accurate evaluation of eccentric strength in closed kinetic chain that is vital for identifying and customizing workloads in functional re-education and high performance.
  • Using this Leg Press machine, operator can make quick Isometric, Isokinetic and Dynamic evaluations
  • Provides detailed report on strength, muscular imbalance and other necessary data for monitoring rehabilitation process
  • Features Smart Viscous Function that allows to reproduce the work in the water
  • Kineo Intelligent Load adapts the load at every moment that enables movement in complete safety and without pain
  • It is ideal lower body rehabilitation device for painful disorders and during acute phase of function rehabilitation
  • With Elastic Mode, it is possible to jump and do plyometrics without one’s own weight
  • In Elastic Mode, the movement of body start in closed angle
  • The operator can use this device with a low load customized depending on the rehabilitation process
  • Used in the recovery from main tendinopathies of lower limb, like the patellar and Achilles tendinopathy
  • The Biphasic Load feature allows free setting of different loads in concentric and the eccentric phase for a quality workout of one or two feet
  • Features Wi-Fi connectivity for easy connection with other devices
  • Can be easily controlled by remote control available
  • A large 15.6 inches touch screen ensures hassle-free monitoring of different parameters
  • Equipped with high-quality Italian leather seats
  • Seat depth and seatback can be adjusted with 7 positions
  • Includes built-in memory and automatic storage for storing different workout programs
  • Powered by an electric motor, provides variable and controlled torque
  • The leg press and rowing workstation includes rowing bar
  • Other technical specifications of Globus Kineo Leg Press are:
    • Electric Motor Nominal Power: 1.6kW
    • Power Supply: 230V
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Maximal Current: 4A
    • Min/Max Load: 10-440 Kg
    • Min/Max Isokinetic Speeds: 0.1-5 m/s
    • Medical Certificate CE 0476
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 75x265x150 cm
    • Work Area Dimensions (WxD): 321×150 cm
    • Weight: 336kg

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Patient-centric devices conceptualized and developed by Globus Corporation help people for faster rehabilitation. These devices are used by patients undergoing pain therapy treatment or rehabilitation programs. The pioneering design of products backed by broad research helps to deliver accurate data about different parameters. These advanced devices ensure significantly less healing time. A wide range of products by the Globus meets the requirements of different patient-care settings. It includes devices for magnetotherapy, electrotherapy, diathermy, ultra sound and laser therapy. The Kineo Leg Press, a product from Kineo range of Globus is a rehabilitation device that enables an accurate evaluation of eccentric strength in closed kinetic chain.

Kineo Leg Press enables an accurate evaluation of eccentric strength in closed kinetic chain, which is crucial for identifying and customizing work loads in both functional re-education and high performance.

With Kineo Leg Press you can make quick ISOMETRIC, ISOKINETIC AND DYNAMIC evaluations and always have detailed reports on strength, muscular imbalance and all the necessary data for the continuous monitoring of the rehabilitation process.

The exclusive SMART VISCOUS function allows to reproduce the work in the water, as Kineo Intelligent Load adapts the load at every moment, enabling movements in total safety and with no pain. Ideal for painful disorders and in the acute phase of functional rehabilitation.

In ELASTIC mode, it is possible to make jumps and plyometrics without one’s own body weight. With the Kineo elastic method, the movement can start in closed angle with a low load customized depending on the rehabilitation phase the subject is in. Great advantage in the recovery from the main tendinopathies of the lower limb, like the patellar and the Achilles tendinopathy.
With the BIPHASIC LOAD, Kineo Leg Press allows the free setting of different loads in the concentric and the eccentric phase for a quality work on one or two feet.


  • Proprioceptive cushion with easy magnetic hooking


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  • Wi-Fi connection and remote control
  • 15.6″ touch screen
  • Adjustable seat depth, adjustable seatback with 7 positions
  • Built-in memory and automatic storage
  • High-quality Italian leather
  • CE 0476 certification


  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 75x265x150 cm
  • Work area dimensions (WXD): 321×150 cm
  • Weight: 336 Kg
  • Electric motor: nominal power 1.6 kW (230V – 8A – 50Hz)
  • Power supply: Voltage: 230V – Frequency: 50/60Hz – Maximum current: 4A
  • Min/Max load: 10-440 Kg
  • Min/Max isokinetic speeds: 0.1-5 m/s


Check the software version according to the training method.

Isotonic Wit Methodxxx
Isotonic Nit Methodxxx
Elastic Method xx
Viscous Method xx
Variable Load Method  x
Isometric Method  x
Isokinetic Method  x


Check the software version according to the tests.

Maximum Concentric Force Testxxx
Maximum Concentric Strength Balance Testxxx
Power Testxxx
Maximum Eccentric Force Test xx
Maximum Eccentric Force Balance Test xx
Jump Power Test xx
Isometric Maximum Force Test xx
Isometric Maximum Force Balance Test xx
Isokinetic Maximum Force Test  x
Isokinetic Maximum Force Balance Test  x
Isokinetic Concentric / Eccentric Ratio Test  x

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