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EasyStand PK301 StrapStand [Minimum Support Package] – Rehabilitation Stander with 35 Adjustable Positions

  • It Includes –
    • Swing-Out Legs,
    • Adjustable Lifting Strap,
    • Black Molded Tray,
    • Four Locking Swivel Casters,
    • Foot Plates,
    • Knee Pad,
    • Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
  • StrapStand stander is designed to directly lift the patient from the bed, wheelchair, or other seated surface into a standing position
  • Use this EasyStand StrapStand for a fully upright standing position with over-centre stretch
  • The patient gets the leverage to self-adjust the position by pulling the handle designed in one side of the stander
  • The grab handles allow the users to steady themselves while pumping up to the standing position
  • Developed with the advice of experts, this glider can be adjusted in over 35 different positions
  • The additional strap attaches to the lighting strap to provide additional security for the legs
  • The stander features a strap for additional posterior support during the lifting process to ensure the safety of the patients
  • Recommended to use before exoskeleton workout. Use this glider prior to using an exoskeleton walking device to achieve the assistive standing ability
  • Shifting from sit to stand position, this glider allows the rehab patient to stop at any point between sitting and standing
  • The stander has independent knee pad and swing-out legs that can accommodate heavyweights
  • The steady transition of position reduces the pressure on the knees

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Featuring unbeatable standing technology, EasyStand is passionate for manufacturing superior quality standers with unmatchable standing technology since 1987. StrapStand by EasyStand is yet another innovatively designed stander that is capable of accommodating users with dynamic support requirements. The StrapStand stander with traditional web design, allows tool-free adjustment of the knees, tray, and footplates to ensure maximum user comfort. The design of the StrapStand offers the leverage of over-center stretch of hips and full extension of the knees. A reliable choice among most rehab care specialists, this stander requires no-transfer for the patient to stand

The StrapStand lifts you directly from your wheelchair, bed, or other seated surface into the standing position

Benefits of the EasyStand StrapStand include:

  • No-transfer
  • Full upright, over-center stretch possible while standing
  • Familiarity in long-term care – similar to a patient lift
  • Ease of use leads to increased compliance
  • Swing-out legs accommodate wide wheelchairs

The difference between the EasyStand StrapStand and other strap-style standers is the lifting design. The lifting arms gently lift you vertically first, then gradually pull you over the center, rather than pulling your knees into the knee pad and forcing the sit to stand transition. This greatly reduces pressure on the knees.

Innovative Lift Design
Using a dual-hinged lifting arm, the StrapStand gently raises a user vertically then gradually pulls them to a standing position, reducing knee pressure. Extreme knee pressure is commonly experienced with other standers that pull the user into the knee pad.

No Transfers Required
Stand directly from your wheelchair or other seated surfaces. Adjustable lifting straps make it easy to stand from a fixed arm wheelchair. The legs have a low profile to fit under a bed or other surfaces.

Assisted Lift Made Easier
For those that require assistance going from sitting to standing we have several options that help, including swing-out legs and adjustable straps that make getting the user ready for standing easier.

Lifting Made Safer
The Upper Body Support Strap gives additional posterior support during the lifting process. The Grab Handles let users steady themselves while being pumped up to standing.

Unique Straps and Harnesses
The lifting straps feature a unique design with a pocket that automatically centers the person securely into the strap. The Sling Straps are a more traditional web design. They hold the person in between the web strapping. The Lifting Harness has an additional strap that attaches to the lifting strap and is placed under the person to additionally secure the users legs. The one piece design makes it easier to get under the buttocks and to place the ischial tuberosities into the pocket.


Full Hip and Knee Extension
Our design allows for an over-center stretch of the hips and full extension of the knees. This is ideal for achieving all the health benefits of standing.

Modular Design
Accommodates both users needing minimal support and those who require significant positioning to go from sitting to standing. Over 30 different positioning options, developed with advice from therapists, can accommodate the most severe disabilities. Additionally, disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis and ALS are progressive, and positioning options may need to be added over time. Our modular design helps stand those with the most difficult positioning challenges.

Great for Multi-User Facilities
Great for use in facilities that have several users needing to stand. Tool free adjustments of the knees, tray and foot plates, as well as various sizes of lifting straps and the addition of multi-adjustable foot plates, independent knee pads and swing-out legs create a unit that can be used by the most petite user or someone up to 350 lbs.

Prepares You for Exoskeleton Walking
According to regulatory approval of exoskeleton products, prior to using an exoskeleton walking device, users should be able to stand in an assistive standing device (e.g., EasyStand StrapStand). Being able to stand comfortably for longer periods of time and getting a proper stretch, makes the StrapStand the ideal partner for pre-walking needs before starting a walking program.

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The minimum support package includes: (no substitutions)

Swing-Out Legs, Adjustable Lifting Strap, Black Molded Tray, Four Locking Swivel Casters, Foot Plates, Knee Pad, Hydraulic Actuator with Handle.

Lifting Strap

  • Adjustable Lifting Strap 10″Wx26″L
  • Adjustable Lifting Strap 12″Wx29″L default
  • Adjustable Lifting Strap 14″Wx32″L
  • Adjustable Sling Strap 9″Wx25″L
  • Adjustable Sling Strap 12″Wx28″L
  • Adjustable Sling Strap 14″Wx32″L


Height Range 5′- 6’5″ 152-195cm
Weight Limit 350lbs 159kg
Kneepad Height Range (footplate to top of pad) 18″-21″ 46-53cm
Kneepad Width (center to center) 21.5” 55cm
Knee Width (center to center) 9” 23cm
Kneepad Depth Range (from back of heel) 6”-9.5″ 15-24cm
Front Pad Depth Range (from back of heel) 2”-12.5” 5-32cm
Front Pad Height Range (from footplate to center of pad) 40″-56″ 102-142cm
Inside Width / Wheelchair Access 22.75” 58cm
Locking Caster Diameter 3″ 8cm
Standard Footprint 34”x28” 86x71cm
Frame Color Oxford Gray
Upholstery Color Black
Weight of Basic Unit 125lbs 57kg
Lifting Strap – Small 9”x25″ 23x64cm
Lifting Strap – Large 12”x28” 30x71cm
Lifting Strap – XLarge 14”x32” 36x81cm
Adjustable Lifting Strap – Small 10”x26” 25x66cm
Adjustable Lifting Strap – Large 12”x29” 30x74cm
Adjustable Lifting Strap – XLarge 14”x32” 36x81cm
Range of Adjustable Lifting Straps 0”-8” 0-20cm
Tray Height (from footplate) subtract 1″ or 2.5cm for Acrylic 42″-58″ 107-147cm
Tray Size (Molded or Acrylic) 21″x24″ 53x61cm
Swing-out Legs Footprint 30″Wx38.5″L 76x98cm
Swing-out Legs Inside Access (wheelchair front width up to) 38” 97cm
Actuator Handle Extension Adds 7” Adds 18cm
Angle Adjustable Tray Range 0-35°
Upper Body Support Strap Pad Size 5.5”x24” 14x61cm
Upper Body Support Strap (adjustment range) 33”-70” 84-178cm
Foot Straps (range over arch) 7″-17″ 18-43cm
Secure Foot Option (range over arch) 7″-17″ 18-43cm
XL Footplate-Placement Area (each foot) 7”x14” 18x36cm
Independent Knee Pad Depth Range (from back of heel) 3.5″-8″ 9-20cm
Independent Knee Pad Height Range (from footplate) 17″-22.5″ 43-57cm
Independent Kneepad Size 7″Wx9″H 18x23cm
Independent Kneepad Roho Insert Size 5″Wx7.5″H 13x19cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates (height from floor) 1″-5″ 2.5-13cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Toe-out Adjustment Neutral to +15°
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Plantar/Dorsiflexion Adjustment -20/+20°


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