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EasyStand PK101 Bantam – Extra Small Packages, [Minimum Support Package] Standing Frame for Disability Rehab Care

  • It includes:
    • Supine,
    • Easy-Adjust Seat Depth,
    • Black Molded Tray, Velcro-Positioning Belt,
    • Head Support,
    • Planar Seat & Back,
    • Gas Spring Lift with Foot Pedal,
    • Knee Pads, 5″ Front Wheels,
    • 3″ Rear Locking Swivel Casters,
    • Chest Strap,
    • Foot Plates
  • EasyStand Bantam is the only stander that provides a range of positioning options including 90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying and anywhere in between
  • The hip knee flexion transfer ensures customization of the standing frame according to the child-s requirements.
  • The medical stander helps in executing weight-bearing stretch throughout the standing session-ideal to achieve a range of motion
  • With tool-free adjustments and no special modification requirement, it gets easy to accommodate children with contractures and leg discrepancies
  • It offers comfortable pelvic support and stability by keeping the child positioned in the seat with features like knee pads, hip supports, and lap belts
  • The standing frame is smartly equipped with swing-away and angle adjustable tray.
  • It can be utilized as a perfect surface for keeping edible items, educational essentials, or other objects that may help in performing sensory activities
  • EasyStand Bantam serves as a positioning, feeding, or activity chair both in school and at home

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EasyStand is a brand established by Altimate Medical — that leads in manufacturing reliable standing frames. The use of Bantam stander ensures improvement in bone density, strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves range of motion. It is used by healthcare experts in different medical spaces including hospitals, rehab treatment centers and other health care setups. It is the only sit to stand stander that combines the option of supine positioning to create infinite positioning possibilities. The medical standing frame provides 50 positioning style and support options that help keep the most challenging cases safe, aligned and secure.

The EasyStand Bantam is the only standing frame to combine a sit-to-stand transition with the added function of an supine stander. By alternating positions, a child can tolerate standing for a longer period of time. Also, when it is safer and easier for a caregiver to transfer and stand a child, the child will stand more often, increasing standing compliance. The Bantam fits kids from early intervention through elementary school.

The Bantam is the only stander that combines the benefits of sit to stand and the option of supine to create infinite positioning possibilities from 90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying and anywhere in between. No other stander can provide the amount of positioning that is possible with the EasyStand Bantam.

Hip-Knee Flexion Transfers

  • Allows standing pivot transfers, lateral seat-to-seat, supine flat-to-load, supine with hip and knee flexion transfers, or any position in between
  • Compatible with patient lifts
  • Each child is different and the Bantam provides choices when transferring

Gradual Range of Motion with Hip-Knee Flexion

  • Can start in a hip-knee flexion position and gradually increase lower extremity extension
    By maintaining a sustained, weight-bearing stretch throughout the standing session, range of motion (ROM) can increase over time for many children

Full Support with Sit to Stand

  • Full body support system with foot plates, knee pads (anterior), seat (posterior) and chest pad (anterior) that supports the individual in all positions from sitting, supine, and standing
  • Children appear to adapt more quickly to standing and weight-bearing when using a sit to stand device due to the extra support and sense of security

Accommodating Contractures

  • Adjustability creates the opportunity to stand children with positioning challenges
  • No special modifications are needed to accommodate children with contractures and leg length discrepancies
  • Match the hip and knee flexion of the child and then adjust as range of motion in the hips and knees improves


Upright Standing

  • Upright standing is a natural position with the head, hips, knees and ankles all in vertical alignment
  • When a child stands upright, they are likely to feel more balanced and are in an optimal position to allow strengthening of the neck muscles
  • The option to easily go from upright to supine encourages longer periods of standing, especially when loss of head control begins

Custom Fit for Better Standing

  • Modular design works for children who require minimal positioning and has options for those who require maximum positioning and support
  • Over 50 positioning and support options that help keep the most challenging cases safe, aligned and secure
  • Tool free adjustments

Positioning/Activity Chair Capabilities

  • Can do anterior tilt positioning, posterior tilt in space, and a true full recline similar to positioning/activity chairs
  • Offers terrific pelvic support and stability by keeping the child positioned in the seat with knee pads, hip supports, and lap belts
  • More position changes with fewer transfers means less lifting and decreased risk of injury for caregivers

Feeding Chair Possibilities

  • Sitting upright is often not the best position for head control when feeding and partial or supine standing can be the answer
  • Provides many position options including sitting, tilt, recline, and standing to find the optimal feeding position


Inclusion in School and Home

  • The child can stand when others are standing, sit when they are sitting, and use the stander under the same tables, up next to the white board or with other educational tools
  • Serves as a positioning, feeding, or activity chair both in school and at home
  • Swing-away, angle adjustable tray is a perfect surface for work, play, communications, nutrition, and sensory activities

Plenty of Growth

  • Substantial growth built into the frames along with tool free adjustments
  • The Bantam extra small has up to 12″ of height growth and the Bantam small/medium both have up to 18″ of height growth
  • Seat depths: extra small is 7″-12″, small is 11″-16″, medium is 15″-20″
  • Seat to Foot Plate Range: extra small/small is 4.5″-16.5″, medium is 7″-18.5″

Promoting Activity in a Bantam

  • Keeps the child moving and changing positions without additional transfers
  • Infinite positions can make activities easier and more comfortable
  • Being able to move the child into several different positions with one product can create opportunities for better health, cognitive growth, and balance

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The minimum support package includes: (no substitutions)

Supine, Easy-Adjust Seat Depth, Black Molded Tray, Velcro® Positioning Belt,Head Support, Planar Seat & Back, Gas Spring Lift with Foot Pedal, Knee Pads, 5″ Front Wheels, 3″ Rear Locking Swivel Casters, Chest Strap, Foot Plates.

Foot Holders

  • Foot Holders 6″Lx3″W
  • Foot Holders 7.75″Lx3.25″W default
  • Foot Holders 9.75″Lx4″W

Knee Pads

  • Knee Pads 2.5″ (inside width)
  • Knee Pads 3.25″ (inside width) default
  • Knee Pads 4.25″ (inside width)


  • Planar Back 11″-13″H Range (height from seat) default
  • Planar Back 15″-17″H Range (height from seat)

Positioning Belt

  • Velcro® Positioning Belt (fits hip circumference up to 23″) default
  • Velcro® Positioning Belt (fits hip circumference up to 33″)

Head Support

  • Head Support 5″Hx8″W
  • Head Support 6″Hx10″W
  • Head Support-Form to Fit 5″Hx10″W default

Base Unit

Approximate Height Range28″-40″71-102cm
Weight Limit50lbs23kg
Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot to back surface)7″-12″18-31cm
Seat Height From Floor (transfer height)19″48cm
Seat to Footplate Range (from front of seat)10″-16.5″25-42cm
Seat to Footplate Range – Inverted Brackets4.5″-11″11-28cm
Kneepad Depth Range (from front of seat)2.5″-8.5″6-22cm
Kneepad Width5.5″14cm
Back Height From Seat, Contour & Planar11″-13″28-33cm
Back Height From Seat, Contour12.5″-14.5″32-37cm
Weight of Basic Unit54lbs24.5kg
Frame Footprint – Standard24.5″x36.5″62x93cm
UpholsteryBlack Nylon/Neoprene
Frame ColorGreen, Orange, Purple or White Powder Coat
Lifting MechanismGas Spring Lift
Kneepad (inside access of pad)2.5″Wx5″H6x13cm
Footplate Size7.75″Lx3.25″W20x8cm
Planar Seat Size9.5″Wx9.5″D24x24cm
Planar Back Pad Size9.5″Wx6.5H24x17cm

Shadow Tray

Shadow Tray Size21″x24″53x61cm
Shadow Tray Height (from seat)7″-10″18-25cm
Weight of Black Molded Shadow Tray Assembly (add 3lbs or 1.4kg for Acrylic)11.7lbs5.3kg
Chest Pad Depth Range0″-11″0-28cm


Mobile Footprint24″x38″61x97cm
Mobile Handrim Height (from seat pivot)12.75″32cm
Mobile Handrim Height (from floor)31″79cm
Mobile Handrim Height-Tall (from seat pivot)16.75″43cm
Mobile Handrim Height-Tall (from floor)35″89cm
Mobile Wheelbase31″79cm
Mobile Fore/Aft Handrim Positional Range (from seat pivot)4.75″-19″12-48cm
Standard Bantam w/ Mobile Weight70lbs32kg
Weight of Mobile Option25lbs11kg
Mobile Drive Chain Tensioning MethodTension Jack-Screw
Mobile Wheel Locks1/4 turn rotation to lock/unlock
Mobile Threshold Height.75″ Maximum2cm Maximum


Hip Supports Width Range6″-9″15-23cm
Frame Footprint – Swivel Casters30″x38″76x97cm
Lifting MechanismManual Hydraulic Lift
Lifting MechanismPow’r Up Lift
Supine Positioning0-90°
T-Style Handle-Extends (each direction)7″18cm
Foot Straps – Range Over Arch2″-9″5-23cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Plantar/Dorsi+/- 20°
Kneepad Height Range+/- 1/2″+/- 1.3 cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Fore/Aft+/- 3/4″+/- 1.9cm
Multi-Adjustable Footplates Rotation30° left/right
Multi-Adjustable Kneepads Width Range5.5″-10″14-25cm
Hip Support Pad Size3.5″Wx3.5″H9x9cm
Hip Supports Height Range2″ (3 positions)5cm
Lateral Support Pad Size4″Wx6″H10x15cm
Lateral Supports Width Range8″-12″20-30cm
Contoured Seat Size8.5-9.5″Wx9.5″L22-24x24cm
Contoured Back Pad Size10″Wx6.5″H25x17cm
Chest Vest9.5″Lx9W24x23cm
Head Support Height Range (from seat, small planar only)17″-24″43-61cm
Head Support Height Range (all extra small and small contour)15″-24″38-61cm
Head Support Depth Range (from backrest)+1″ to -2.75″+3 to -7cm
Positioning Belt – Hip Circumference0-23″0-59cm
Swing-Away Front End Tray Height Range9.25 to 21.25″23 to 54 cm
Swing-Away Front End Tray Fore/Aft Range (from seat pivot)+10 to -11+26 to -28 cm
Locking Caster Diameter5″13cm


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