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EasyStand Medium Glider – 4″0-5″6″, Rehabilitation Stander with 35 Adjustable Positions for Pre-Walking Needs, Lower Limb Disability Packages

  • Available in medium size, this glider fits individuals from 4-0-5-6-and has a weight bearing capacity up to 200 lbs.
  • A reliable choice amongst experts for rehabilitation exercises for continuous body movement
  • The active standing allows a range of motion to the lower body while strengthening the upper body
  • These standers allow the users to move the handles with their arms or with the assistance of the caregiver
  • Controlling the handle movements creates a reciprocal movement in the legs, accelerating the motion of lower limbs
  • Its full range seat offers maximum comfort while the patient sits on the stander
  • The seat features hinged, break-away sections that allow leg extension while standing.
  • With an improved depth range, the seat can be adjusted to flat back
  • Suitable for those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and ALS
  • The stander is recommended to use before exoskeleton workout. Use this glider prior to using an exoskeleton walking device to achieve assistive standing ability
  • The ideal partner for pre-walking needs, this glider allows to stand comfortably for longer time
  • The glider allows for a full stretch of knees, hips, and ankles when gliding
  • Shifting from sit to stand position, this glider allows the rehab patient to stop at any point between sitting and standing

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Established in 1987, Altimate Medical and its EasyStand have grown into one of the leading manufacturers of reliable standers. These standers are devised with an unsurpassed standing technology. The company is amongst the market leaders for making standers that has no parallel in the market. For those using wheelchairs, EasyStand offers an inventory of standers as a perfect solution for non-transferable standing capabilities. The glider is designed to accommodate rehab patients – who need minimal support as well as for those needing significant positioning to shift from sitting to standing position. Developed with the advice of rehab experts, this glider can be adjusted in over 35 different positions and allows tool-free adjustment of the knees, tray, and footplates to ensure maximum user comfort. According to several researches, using an active standing frame can positively affect the individual’s health. This Advance stander enhances the medical benefits of standing, keeping the body in shape for medical breakthroughs.

Active standing provides lower body range of motion and upper body strengthening. Unlike passive standers, users move the handles with their arms (or a caregiver can assist) which creates a reciprocal movement in the legs. The full range seat has hinged, break-away sections for each leg that allow full leg, hip and ankle extension while standing. This advanced stander enhances the medical benefits of standing and keeps the body in shape for medical breakthroughs. Numerous research studies suggest that use of an active standing frame can positively affect an individual’s health.

Active Standing
Active standing technology in the Glider enhances the many health benefits of a passive stander. The Glider combines enhanced lower-body range of motion with upper-body strengthening.

Promotes movement of ankles, knees, and hips creating greater range of motion, increased respiration and cardiovascular endurance and weight bearing on the long bones is increased while gliding. Adjustable resistance cylinders allow the user to start with minimal resistance and increase as they become stronger. The Glider handles allow an attendant to assist in movement, which is especially important for new users.

The three point system of padded knee pad, seat, and chest pad provides the individual with support in all positions from sitting to standing. No straps to worry about.

Quick Use
For those that self-transfer, it is a quick lateral transfer. Flip the knee pad down and transition to standing.

Critical areas are padded so the knee pad, seat, back and front pad are always well cushioned. Roho® seat cushion for those with pressure management issues is als available.


Acclimated Standing
Newly injured and those who have not stood recently often need to acclimate to standing. Sit-to-Stand allows a user to stop at any point between sitting and standing.

Full Hip and Knee Extension

Glider allows for a full stretch of the hips, knees and ankles when gliding. Gliding enhances all the health benefits of standing.

Modular Design
Accommodates both users needing minimal support and those who require significant positioning to go from sitting to standing. Over 35 different positioning options, developed with advice from therapists, can accommodate the most severe disabilities. Additionally, disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis and ALS are progressive, and positioning options may need to be added over time. Our modular design helps stand those with the most difficult positioning challenges.

Prepares You for Exoskeleton Walking
According to regulatory approval of exoskeleton products, prior to using an exoskeleton walking device, users should be able to stand in an assistive standing device (e.g., EasyStand Glider). Being able to stand comfortably for longer periods of time and getting a proper stretch, makes the Glider the ideal partner for pre-walking needs before starting a walking program.

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The moderate support package includes: (no substitutions)

Easy-Adjust Seat Depth, Adjustable/Removable Actuator Handle, Secure Foot Straps, Hip Supports, Glide Handle Extensions, Removable Flat Back, Velcro® Positioning Belt, Chest Strap, Full Range Seat, Positioning Bar, 5″ Front Wheels, 5″ Rear Locking Casters, Tray & Chest Pad, Flip-Up Knee Pads, Adjustable Resistance Cylinders, Adjustable Foot Plates.

Foot Straps

  • Secure Foot Straps 15″L (length over top of foot, two pair) default
  • Secure Foot Straps 21″L (length over top of foot, two pair)

Hip Supports

  • Hip Supports 9″-15″ range default
  • Hip Supports 11″-17″ range


  • Removable Flat Back 15″H
  • Removable Flat Back 19″H default

Positioning Belt

  • Velcro® Positioning Belt 26″-55″ default
  • Velcro® Positioning Belt 38″-67″

Chest Strap

  • Chest Strap 30″-46″
  • Chest Strap 34″-54″ default
  • Chest Strap 46″-66″

Glider Medium Specifications:

Approximate Height Range 4’0″-5’6″ 123-167cm
Seat Depth Range (seat pivot to flat back) 20″-25″ 51-64cm
Seat to Footplate Range (from seat pivot) 13.5″-16.5″ 34-42cm
Seat Height 21.5” 55cm
Knee Width (center to center) 10” 25cm
Tray/Chest pad Depth Range-from seat pivot 5”-15.5” 13-39cm
Footprint (outer dimensions of base frame) 26.5”x41” 67x104cm
Weight of Glider 175 lbs. 78 kg
Stride Length 20.5″ 52cm
Thigh Clearance (seat in relation to moveable flaps) 25°  
Glider Tray Size 7.5”x19” 19cm x 48cm
Glider Handle Height (from seat pivot) 24.5″-33.5″ 62-85cm
Glide Handle Extensions-bring handles closer 6″ 15cm
Glider Seat – Roho Insert Size 7”x12” 18x30cm

PDF Literature – A complete guide

Glider Catalog
Glider Owners Manual

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