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ARK Therapeutic Bear Bottle Kit for Straw Drinking with 1 Bear-Shaped Bottle, 1 Select-Flow Valve, Two 8-Inch Long Tubing, 1 Yellow Lip Blok

  • The Ark Bear Bottle is designed for children who are learning straw drinking or children with oral motor difficulty
  • Designed in the bear shape, it is a stylish and friendly alternate to sippy cups that can cause improper tongue and lip positioning resulting in speech problems
  • It is a safe solution for transition babies from bottles to straw drinking by skipping the sippy cups
  • The straw drinking strengthens the mouth muscles and encourages tongue retraction, cheek tension and lip closure
  • This bear bottle features a valve that controls the flow of liquid, it does not let the liquid flow back down
  • Squeezing the bottle takes the fluid at the top of the straw, decreasing the effort required for drinking
  • It is ideal for children who face difficulties in generating and maintaining suction or who tend to aspirate
  • The Ark Bear Bottle Kit includes 1 easy-to-squeeze Bottle with snap-close cap, 1 Select-Flow Valve, Two 8-inches long tubing straws, 1 yellow Lip Blok measuring 3/4 inches
  • It comes with an instruction set on how to teach straw drinking
  • The tubing straws are reusable, chewable and durable alternative to traditional straws
  • Lip Blok prevents kids from biting on straws and reaching far into the mouth
  • It easily holds 8 ounces of fluid that is sufficient for a child who is learning to drink
  • Each product in the kit is dishwasher safe that ensures reusability of bottle kit
  • It is ideal for water, milk, juice without pulp and other thin liquids
  • This dishwasher-safe straw drinking bottle measures 2×2.5×6 inches
  • The bottle is compatible with standard straws having 0.25 inches diameter
  • Made in USA, the ARK-s Bear Bottle Kit does not contain BPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalates and latex

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ARK Therapeutic is continuously developing chewable necklace, drinking bottles and other products that are used in speech, drinking and feeding therapies. Manufactured by Ark, each product is designed in a unique shape to keep patients interested in treatment. A wide range of Ark Therapeutic products include feeding and drinking tools including spoons, straws. The ARK Bear Bottle Kit is used to make drinking easier for children with oral motor difficulties.

ARK’s Bear Bottle Kit is a fun and friendly way to make drinking easier for beginners and/or children with oral motor difficulties. It’s also an excellent way to transition babies straight from bottles to straw drinking – skipping sippy cups altogether! Most sippy cups promote improper tongue and lip positioning that can cause speech problems later on. Straws are a better alternative, as they strengthen the mouth muscles and encourage tongue retraction, cheek tension, and lip closure.

The Bear Bottle features a unique valve that controls the direction of fluid – liquid flows up into the straw, but does not flow back down. Simply squeeze the bear’s belly until fluid reaches the top of the straw and release. Fluid will stay at the top of the straw, thereby decreasing the effort required to drink. Highly recommended for individuals who tend to aspirate or have a weak suck with difficulties generating and maintaining suction.

The Kit includes: 1 easy-to-squeeze Bear Bottle with a snap-close cap, 1 Select-Flow Valve, 2 eight-inch long tubing straws, 1 yellow Lip Blok® (3/4″), and instructions on how to teach straw drinking.  The tubing straw is a reusable, chewable, durable alternative to traditional straws, and the Lip Blok prevents kids from biting on the straw or putting it too far into their mouths.  If you’d also like regular disposable straws with your kit, a 12 pack is available as an add-on via the pull-down menu above.

  • usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA
  • No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Holds 8 ounces of fluid
  • Bottle measures approximately 2 x 2.5 x 6″
  • Colors may vary
  • Not recommended for carbonated beverages
  • Recommended for thin liquids (water, milk, juice without pulp, etc).
  • If you’re using thickened liquids, in general for most thickener brands: “nectar” consistency works fine.  If you trim the tapered end of the valve to open up the flow, “honey” will work but will be harder to suck through the straw.  “Pudding” does not work, as it’s too thick to drink through even a regular straw without a valve.
  • Compatible with most standard .25″ diameter straws should you need more down the road.  You can also get spares / replacements of the tubing straw here or the regular straws here.
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