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Alreh Mater Dynamic ACTIVE DRIVE Rehabilitation Stander – Standing Aid for Active Rehabilitation for Disabled-paresis of Lower Limbs

  • Active Drive is useful for Flexors of the elbow joint, cervical, and Shoulder muscles for standing up and passive walking
  • Mobility stander makes it easy for rehab patients to stand despite severe mobility problems
  • This stander is useful for people with spinal cord injury, wrist extensors, elbow extensors
  • It is among the most advanced stander walkers for active paraplegics walking independently
  • Equipped with patented kinematics system, the stander includes the element of skating
  • This stander is designed as paraplegic rehabilitation equipment to help active paraplegics stand-up with a lifting system
  • Unique kinematics for standing up and optional walking system with rehab gym is available
  • Designed to help active paraplegics stand-up from the bed or wheelchair, this mobility stander works via a unique lifting system.
  • The lifting system makes mobility possible for rehab patients with mild or severe disabilities

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Established in 2007, Alreh Medicals has emerged as a renowned name in the niche of medical care standers. Backed with well-researched product construction, this company patents new kinematics of stepping to assist people with limb paralysis and tetraplegics. The Advanced Dynamic Active Drive Stander by Alreh is one of the new family of standers introduced for rehab care.  The innovative rehab care stander is being increasingly adopted across home-care, clinical care, and rehabilitation setups apart from hospitals and physical therapy centres.


  • The most advanced and the best stander on the market designed for active paraplegics.
  • Walking in an upright position combined with elements of skating.
  • Equipped with unique kinematics for walking, standing up system and optionally with RehaGym
  • Intended primarily for active people with spinal cord injury on lhe level no higher than Th5
    having not paralyzed hands and the lack of deformation of the feet and knees!
  • No equivalent on the market!

Possibility of walking in an upright position combined with elements of skating gives the user the extraordinary possibilities. Now a disabled people with paralysis or paresis of lower limbs ( paraplegics) and in limited range people with paralysis of lower limbs and upper limbs ( quadriplegics )., which wants to be active and have not paralyzed hands, may independently or with a little help from a caregiver, get up from the wheelchair to an upright position, move forward, backwards, rotate around its own axis, do squats, half squats, train all muscle groups.

For kids standing up and walking is always a lot of fun. – watch video.


  • Active Drive is also an excellent tool for rehabilitation of people with quadriplegic.
  • Quadriplegics almost always require an assistance of a caregiver and usually only passive walking is possible.
  • Passive walking with Active Drive is relatively easy, regardless of the user´s body weight and depth of disability.

The basic exercises that you can perform

Independent, safe and comfortable standing in an upright position.

Main Applications

Improvement of physical fitness and muscle strength.
Improvement of cardiovascular function.
Reducing of spasticity.
Improvement of ankle joint, knee and hip mobility.
Reducing contractures in knee joints and hip joints.
Improvement of intestinal motility and stool excretion.
Improvement of bone calcification.
Improvement of mental state, social development and integration.

We Provide US FDA Approved & CE Certified Medical Grade Devices

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What’s Included

  • RehaGym System
  • Alreh Cushion
  • Alreh Gloves

All standers ordered by customers are set up as custom made according to the user’s body, shown in the Measurement Card.

Each stander set up as custom made has a fairly large range of adjustment of the following components:

  • Stepping/Walking kinematics
  • Position of the platform for the feet
  • Position of the knees brackets
  • The width of the corset
  • The depth of the corset
  • The height of the side supports of the trunk
  • The position of support of the chest
  • Seat height
  • The stander height (only in STATIC PLUS and STATIC PLUS/WALKER PLUS intended for rehabilitation branches in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc.) Full adjustment of the stander to the parameters of the user´s body is usually done after standing up the patient for the first time

Parameters which after shipping the stander to the client can not be readjusted easily:

  • The height of the stander – the distance from the surface of the platform to the hip joint axis (refers to the standers Active Drive and Active Plus – all models, regardless of destiny, and Static Plus and Walker Plus made for an individual user)
  • The gas springs force (replacement of the gas springs for stronger or weaker is very simple, but requires the purchase of a new set of springs
  • Replacement of standard springs into rigid locking springs requires the purchase of a set of springs with the release system – new springs, release heads, bowden cables, steel cables and levers).


  1. A necessary condition for placing an order of the stander is to perform measurements of the user’s body. Please fill in the Measurement Card  – see PDF file MEASUREMENT CARD. Click Here
  2. The measurement shall be made in accordance with the Measurement Instruction – see PDF file MEASUREMENT INSTRUCTION. Click Here
  3. A suitable model of the stander is chosen according to the depth of the patient’s dis-function and, above all, to the type of rehabilitation to be carried out using this device. Guidance on the selection can be found in the tab HOW TO CHOOSE – see PDF file HOW TO CHOOSE. Click Here
  4. For all customers in India, stander is delivered disassembled into parts, packed in a cardboard box – see PDF file TECHNICAL DATA. Click Here

Note: Accessories like Alreh Cushion, and Alreh Gloves are not included with Child Size (LS 140 AD).

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Production Lead Time Policy of Manufacturer

Alreh Medical would be 7 days - 21 days. For more details kindly refer policy document. Click Here.

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1 Year Warranty

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Shipping Policy

Installation Manual, or Use & Maintenance Manual

The User or Buyer can set up the stander at home on the basis of the Assembly Installation supplied in electronic format (DVD), using the tools provided with the device – installation is easy. Example of an Assembly Instruction  – see PDF file ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION MANUAL. Click Here
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