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Alreh iStander Neurological and Geriatric Rehabilitation with Metal Construction, Remote Control, Adjustable Height, Stable Platform

  • iStander supports the rehab patients to stand unassisted at home by themselves
  • Regular exercising with iStander helps the patient to live healthy life
  • Made with unique technology, exercising with the iStander in the upright position is safe for the patients
  • Tested for safety and convenience, this upper and lower limb exercise equipment are designed to cater individual abilities and needs
  • This tailor-made device ensures comfort while doing workout
  • The medical stander is mobile and designed to fit through 80-cm doorway
  • Performing exercises with Alreh iStander keeps limbs in a good condition, eliminating the chances of contractures
  • The iStander walker helps rehab patient to strengthen their muscles and protect the bones, by keeping the legs in good condition
  • The mobility walker improves breathing, circulation, digestion, and excretion, leading the patient towards well-being
  • iStander is effective to build and enhance the balance with the patient in unassisted walking and allows holding themselves in upright position

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Alreh Medicals was established in 2007 by a group of experts having a reliable experience in conceptualizing and manufacturing medical equipment. The company is committed to assisting people with movement disabilities. Dedicated to manufacturing superior quality standers, each equipment is developed in Poland to compline to the performance standards of consistency. A range of stander developed by Alreh includes Active Drive, Active Plus, Static Plus, activLife and more. The iStander by Alreh is ideal rehabilitation device with maximum precision, allowing easy limb movements.

iStander is an activation device with upright function for people with spinal cord injury. Scientific project financed by the National Center for Research and Development (POLAND).

iStander  device is a modern proposal to improve patients with neurological deficits, which consists of a stander with the function of supporting getting up as a medical device and rehabilitation games also registered as a medical device. iStander is a specially developed device with the function of adapting to the size and weight of the user and introducing virtual training in the form of games that complement iStander.

Conculusion from the Conducted Research:

  • iStander enables independent upright standing and rehabilitation.
  • iStander increases self-esteem and motivation to exercise.
  • iStander allows you to conduct an attractive and safe therapy for the patient in a controlled virtual environment.
  • iStander can be used at home.
  • iStander enables self-control during performing the exercises (biofeedback).
  • iStander enables remote control of ongoing training plans.
  • iStander can be successfully used by people of all age.
  • iStander thanks to the possibility of modification, it can be used in various disease entities.



Tailor-made equipment!
We are part of an EU-funded Consortium creating innovative solutions for rehabilitation together with:

    • Technische Universität München,
    • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven,
  • Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, (DTU),
  • Københavns Universitet,
  • Schön Klinik Bad Aibling GmbH & Co. KG,
  • Stichting ZuidZorg,
  • ArjoHuntleigh AB,
  • Philips Electronics Nederland B.V Eindhoven.

I stand up and exercise independently!

iStander supports you while standing up unassisted at home. Regular standing is the key for your health and well-being.

Exercises in upright position are the best you can do for yourself to maintain your good condition. Our unique technology makes this possible and safe.

We will adjust our device individually for you

iStander is tested, safe and convenient:

  • tailor-made for your individual abilities and needs,
  • hundreds of satisfied customers, over 10 years of experience,
  • guarantee of comfort during exercises,
  • the device is mobile, and fits through 80-cm doorway.

Standing exercises

iStander lets you exercise not only your legs but the entire body

  • Exercising while standing strengthen your muscles and protect your bones.
  • By keeping your legs in good condition, you care for their mobility, and prevent from contractures.
  • Your breathing, circulation, digestion and excretion are improved.
  • You build your sense of balance.
  • By exercising your upper body parts, you activate your trunk.

Joy and pleasure!

You have fun with iStander

  • An exciting range of games dedicated to rehabilitation.
  • By plenty of various mobility tasks you improve your condition as well as strength.
  • With the increasing efficiency, you complete higher levels of the game.
  • Choose from over 100 configurations of various training sessions.

Exercise more with your training plan!

When starting your adventure with iStander, use the training plan recommended, suggested by us.

  • The plan was developed by experienced physiotherapists.
  • Thanks to systematic exercises, you learn your needs and preferences.
  • By becoming an expert, you can build your own training programme.
  • Training programme gets you in multimedia sessions which you can easily and independently develop.

How can you excercise with iStander

Training Programme

iStander offers two types of training. You can practice using the functionality of the device and guarantee of safety which it provides. You can also use the full potential of the iStander system and use computer training programs tailored by the therapist.


The GymUp standing up support mechanism allows you to exercise the mobility of ankle, knee and hip joints by performing squats and half-squats. A special corset and seat ensure full safety during exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. The simultaneous combination of physical and mental exercises supports the processes of logical thinking and coordination.


Using a wheelchair may be a consequence of accident or neurological damage. Neurological damage can be in the body and mind, or just in the body. Work on improving your condition with a wide range of fitness and conditioning workouts. Additionally, engage your brain with exercises in the form of logic and memory games.

If you are after:

  • stroke, craniocerebral trauma, brain surgery, multiple sclerosis MS (or other demyelinating disease), cerebral palsy – train your mind and body,
  • in case of spinal cord injury, we suggest endurance training


After training, it is important to calm your breathing and heart rate. Stay  in vertical position and wait till emotions fall down. If in doubt, consult our consultant or physiotherapist before starting any exercises.

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  1. Mobile base with platforms
  2. GymUp lifting mechanism
  3. Safe corset with the seat
  4. Levers
  5. Knees supporters
  6. Hand grip with GymUp lock releaser

iStander device includes gaming software – a perpetual license.

Technical Description

weight 50 kg
length max. 120 cm
width max. 80 cm
height max. 130 cm

iStander User Manual

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