Production Lead Time Policy

Production Lead Time Policy of Merchant or Manufacturer or Vendor and how the product reaches to User

  • The Production Lead Time is the time period between the final placement of an order, to processing of an order, to prepare material for an order, to produce or to manufacture an order and the shipment of the completed order from merchant’s or manufacturer’s or vendor’s warehouse to may be international or domestic location of the User. Logistic from merchant’s or manufacturer’s or vendor’s warehouse i.e., international or domestic location shall be subject to Shipping & Refusal Policy by our independent International and Domestic Shipping Contractors.
  • At RehabCart, almost all products of physiotherapy and rehabilitation are imported based on one’s specific requirement and are customized as per Industry standards, as per the needs of the patients and as per the requirement of Institutions/Hospitals/Rehabilitation Centres/Corporates/Clinics. Therefore, the Time between placing the order and shipping arrival at the User’s step is bit longer which may vary between 7 working days to 90 working days or as per the policy of merchant or manufacturer or vendor.

The Process is elaborated as mentioned below:

  1. Once the payment from User is realized, we will be Processing and Ordering the same to the Merchant or Manufacturer or Vendor on behalf of the User.
  2. Processing Advance Payment with necessary FOREX charges & taxes, as Orders received, to the Merchant or Manufacturer or Vendor on behalf of User, to confirm Order on behalf of User. For Cancellation of the order refer “Cancellation Policy” and “Return, Restocking & Refund Policy“.
  3. Once the Order is ready with Merchant or Manufacturer or Vendor for Shipment, we will provide arrangement and Pickup of Order from the Merchant or Manufacturer or Vendor facility or Merchant or Manufacturer or Vendor warehouse by our Shipping Contractor to nearest airport for International Air Freight Shipping to India with necessary insurances.
  4. Providing facility for necessary Customs clearances with help of our Customs Clearing Houses and Agents; including Customs & Excise duties, other levies and charges; Goods and Service Tax, etc. complete. Kindly note that, Time for Customs Clearances at any Port of Entry in India depends on Port to Port. In this case, we shall not be held liable or responsible for any inconvenience caused by Customs & Excise Department. In case, of any Containment or any other charges levied by Customs and Excise Department shall be paid by User as per actual prior to delivery of Order.
  5. Forwarding of Shipping from Port of Entry in India to User.
  6. Most of the Products are with Installation Manuals and User Guide in which, we shall not provide facilities for Installation and Training. In case, if required, shall be charged extras with all paid air travel (2-ways), city & hotel transfers, hotel accommodation, etc. complete.
  7. Sales Price covers Manufacturer’s Warranties and Guarantees, if any, subject to approval of Manufacturer after thorough inspection checks as per Warranty and Guarantee Policy documents. In case, if any parts are covered under Warranty and Guarantee Policy documents, it shall be covered; except charges for packaging, shipping (domestic/ international) destination as permitted by Manufacturer with necessary air freight, customs & excise duties, other levies and Goods and Service Tax, etc. complete. Please refer policy document of warranty and Guarantee of the manufacturer provided in the Product Description. Information of same can be found in ” Terms and Conditions for Users” and “Return, Restocking & Refund Policy.
  8. All the above processes are subject to change without any prior notice in respect to the continuous efforts to improve our systems and process.

If you have any queries, please read the product specification and feel free to contact us on