Partnering with Rehabcart

Rehabcart is positioned as the pioneer and the emerging market leader for all types of physiotherapy care and rehabilitation therapy equipment, including accessories, for the Indian subcontinent. The current ecosystem across the Indian Territory is challenging. Its medical devices marketplace is expanding beyond the most authoritative assessments. Here, healthcare service providers are getting more demanding, ready to look beyond the trustworthy credentials of a medical equipment-maker. Distribution challenges across India can be endemic or have a national presence.

A typical distribution network, with many layers, and with the room to bend the rules for quality control further clouds the picture. A diverse heterogeneous market, the Indian healthcare scene has disruptive variations across the smallest geographies. Add the lack of structured data to this scenario and the fact that key decision-making influencers can get very demanding—fragmented distribution, limited reachability, and scope for unethical marketing practices emerge as the conclusive challenges.

Rehabcart is creating more opportunities for overseas, international brands that want to enter this opportunity-rich landscape, despite the regulatory challenges and less-than-organized standards. Rehabcart is paving the way for globally-scaled equipment manufacturers, helping them identify the most suitable inventories for the Indian domain. To make things easier, Rehabcart is creating mutually-beneficial business agreements that ensure clarity about the usage of marketing literature, logos, promotions, and even after-sales support.

Rehabcart ensures that the complex, Indian medical device distribution system does not create roadblocks. The company is increasingly connecting some of the biggest global brands in this domain with only relevant retail opportunities and user demographics. Right now, there are a handful of Partnership Programs where Rehabcart helps medical equipment manufacturers cater to the Indian marketplace.

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