What is REHABCART about?

We are specialists in the Rehabilitation Care Supplies marketplace, providing genuine medical-grade devices for all types of healthcare delivery setups, clinical facilities, physiotherapy centres & home-care environments

Rehabcart represents a team of rehabilitation care professionals who have created the first-of-its-kind retail platform where doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, and other caregivers can directly buy the best in rehabilitation care products. These medical devices have been sourced from the world’s best, ensuring the quality of care is never compromised. The product diversity is amazing, transparency of product details is refreshing, and the UI has been optimized to create the best shopping experiences. Whether you are a reputed hospital, have an established rehab care practice, or are in the process of setting-up your rehabilitation clinic, trust us to bring you the latest in rehab care devices & accessories, each procured from the most trusted manufacturers.

Confident Footprints & Clear Mindset Rather Over Philosophical Vision

Rehabcart is owned, managed and marketed by real-life, credibly-qualified rehabilitation care specialists. We understand a healthcare challenge, what bothers carers, how clinical setups struggle, and what patients, guardians and next-of-kin undergo when seeking rehab medical care. When we endorse a technology, there is a logic to it. When we talk about an innovation, we comprehend the possible risks. Our focus is to use these skills to make a real difference in the lives of people requiring rehabilitation because rehab therapy is usually, a life-changing experience. We understand how a patient stander can seem less important than a humble patient examination couch, or how the smallest, replacement castors for rehab tables can disrupt the quality of care. The wide array of reliable rehab equipment choices here does not define us but the efforts invested in ensuring clarity of thought and transparency of retail practices underline our approach!

Redefining Retail for Rehab Medical Care Supplies

Rehabcart was founded from a simple realization—across India and surrounding geographies, the medical supplies marketplace is essentially a largely unorganized selling space. From lack of fundamental product details to limited payment options or the inability to scale-up to bigger, institutional orders, there are many challenges. As a result, rehab therapy equipment is often bought with uncertainty, lacking the conviction that all medical care supplies should have. We are changing the equation, leveraging end users and carers with 100% genuine products without the anxiety related to pricing, shipping, and genuineness, utility, or order size.

Marketplace Dedicated to Physical Rehabilitation Products, Sans Restrictions

Rehabcart is keyed into the aggressively growing but chaotic rehabilitation equipment marketplace. The increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases, sports injuries, and the prevalence of degenerative diseases is increasing the demand for clinical care and home care rehab devices. From trauma patients who need intensive rehabilitative care to the growing number of geriatrics who need therapy to sustain mobility, the marketplace is growing with many types of highly specialized patient care devices. From daily assistive equipment for the differently-abled/disabled to rehabilitation tools for people suffering from chronic conditions, rehab care equipment caters to many patient demographics, many who need to everyday monitoring and recurring supervision.

Meeting All Rehabilitation Equipment Requirements

Rehabcart is the only online platform of its type that covers all types of rehabilitative care supplies. Healthcare facilities are increasingly trusting us as a partner for the latest in posture-correction systems, diagnostic tools, positioners, patient safety solutions, examination devices, stabilization systems, and orthopedic care products. We also provide at-home daily life mobility aids and pain management solutions along with processing bulk hospital procurement orders and supplying equipment to occupational therapy, sports medicine, or post-trauma care units. We have been able to create stable supply chains for the most challenging products in this domain, including special needs rehab care products, gait trainers, exercise stimulators, and rehab equipment that is traditionally difficult to ship/supply.

Real Rehab Partner for Devices, Accessories & Buying Guidance

Rehabcart has grabbed attention because of its amazing product procurement abilities—handled by a team of professionally qualified rehabilitation experts. We are changing how healthcare professionals and home-based rehab care providers buy medical-use devices. Not just legacy catalogs trusted by big hospitals, you will also find regional bestsellers, and emerging rehab treatment products, each with the guarantee of best prices. Our product choices are based on real caregiver reviews. A team of rehabilitation therapy specialists works across different types of healthcare delivery environments, networking with physical rehabilitation care specialists to identify the utility & relevance of a rehab care device. This translates into smartly-selected, reliable and highly useful inventory options for you.

NO Equals in Indian E-Com Space for Providing 100% Genuine Rehab Supplies

Rehabcart invests time in ensuring you get access to genuine products only. This platform is more than just listing the bestselling rehabilitation products. We are here to help medical facilities and caregivers make better informed, well-educated choices. Yes, we are conscious about the pricing but quality takes precedence over any other product-listing parameter. People needing rehab therapy due to unique needs, sports injuries, congenital deformities, vehicular accidents, combat injuries, or chronic conditions speak about a sense of assurance when they come to buy at this online rehab marketplace. Trust our online catalogue and professional assistance for making the right selection…every time!

What to expect? Every Rehab Equipment with a Reputation!

Specialty Products | Home Caregiver Solutions | Customizable Rehab Gear

Rehabcart is positioned to emerge as the most trusted and well-stocked online marketplace for every equipment or accessory associated with rehabilitation care. The core specialty is in physical rehabilitation products, typically for inpatient & outpatient care, along with an expanding inventory for home care, physiotherapy, and orthopedic rehabilitation. The inventory is enriched with more products for vestibular, neurological and pulmonary rehabilitation, apart from occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation supplies. We try to cover the entire spectrum of equipment needed for examination, exercising, and rehabilitation. We are the go-to trusted resourced for different rehabilitative care modalities. Whether it is restoring balance and gait, total body conditioning, strength training, or products for specifically training upper or lower extremities, our inventory addresses it all, with products clearly marked for their superior performance in childcare rehab, aged care, hospital care, community care, or supervised home care. While muscle & joint rehabilitation products are purchased in big numbers, we are also bringing a wider range of balance trainers and chiropractic accessories apart from paediatric mobility supports & elaborate exercising/training equipment.


Whom do we network with?

Rehabcart is the perfect remedy for the rehabilitation care marketplace that is partially-utilized and under-served. With our increasing presence in the healthcare community, working with care providers, patients and family members, we are being approached for more partnerships and collaborations. Without aggressive marketing campaigns, we have been able to engage the attention of the biggest, established manufacturers and emerging brands, thanks to the increasing recommendations and references from discerning buyers. Our products are sought by corporates and social welfare groups too. We network across the industry, constantly seeking feedback from doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation specialists to ensure we always have the most relevant rehab therapy products. We are constantly connecting the closest-matched inventories with the most relevant requirements, ensuring that transparent pricing and quality standards are maintained throughout.